CACI all hands?

Anyone make the CACI all hands call with “leadership”? I missed it and wondering if there was anything worth repeating…

Nope…just the condescending “thank you for your hard work” that they kept repeating. Translation: Work harder, suckers!!!


I thought it might have been something like this:

blah blah blah innovation blah blah blah synergy blah blah empowerment blah blah blah blah challenge blah blah blah blah blah


“its snowing! in january! OMG”
“we have looked at pay scales and some of you might could possibly be at some point getting a raise” (but if you’re already in the new pay range you get nothing)
“if you get covid, tell us IMMEDIATLEY… so we can reassign your work”
“thanks for sacrificing your sanity and mental health so we have higher profits”
oh and “DCSA is dropping a contractor”(the only half decent news)

They kept talking about everyone “being in the same boat”… where we are in dingys next to their yachts.


Did they say which vendor is being dropped? The reason I ask is someone is about to get a bomb dropped on them and chances are the vendor being dropped is currently lying to their employees that all is well, which isn’t uncommon but it’s nice to know ahead of time.


They said the rebid is mid-Summer.


nope but I head it before, about a week ago from a friend with peraton…paragon…whatever pera/para they are on…

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Good ol Frank with his “We are all on the same boat” bs. Didnt know you also made $25 an hour sir. smh

and the “Thank you for your hard work” crap makes me eye roll every single time. lmao. Literally every presenter on that meeting said that at least once. DONT THANK ME FOR MY HARD WORK! PAY ME MORE!

But you didnt miss much. No new real changes. It was just their effort to try and calm down the workforce so we dont rise up against these overlords.


Should be interesting to see what happens.

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The call was all hyped up to be good news….I have never been so angry getting off a call in my decade plus career as a BI. After getting capped this year (but I am not capped because if I work reeeeallly hard I might get a raise next year) and then to hear that SOME investigators would get a market wage adjustment, I was livid. So, some investigators will get 2 raises in a year and I will get passed over twice?!?. I know some of those investigators are underpaid (I would argue we are all underpaid), but all I can think about is those investigators that hardly make their numbers are going to get 2 raises this year, while I have been busting my butt, working MANDATORY OT, and I get passed over……twice! But they thanked me for all that mandatory OT like I had a choice to do it, so I guess that makes up for it.

Also - they are hiring like mad (who in their right mind would refer someone to this company), so there is an end in sight for all this OT. I, personally, am not convinced that we have a sudden influx of work…I think we have a decrease in investigators and many investigators working DHS. The added numbers (investigators) will only make CACI look better in a rebid. Once the work goes back down (remember everyone is moving to CE), all us “overpaid” investigators will be sent packing because they have a new group of “cheap” labor to exploit.

And finally, we all know DCSA is going to take the lowest bidder….do you all really think greedy CACI will bid low enough??!!


Just a comment on the “influx of work” matter - I heard that it came because of all of the DCSA investigators taking time off for the holidays (a no-no at CACI). Now that they are back to work, we’ll see what the workload is like.


THIS. and there is still no news. I have been checking my “compensation” and I have already just came to the conclusion it is pennies and I wont get one. They are pushing out the good, higher paid investigators and then are gonna be standing around not knowing what has happened.

The mandatory OT was a joke. I have been pushing 60+ a week for a while now and “thank you for your hard work” just dont cut it. Hello and welcome back 8 hour days and weekends off. oT pAy iS bEnEfiT eNouGh…

(BTW, you do not get sca past 40 and the pto is set, at 120 hours or 40 in a pay period - same amount…)

oh and if you participated in the december flash bonus, you might could possibly eventually at some point get that bonus too.

Crickets on this side, also, about the market compensation adjustments. Supposed to be effective Feb 1 (and on 22nd paycheck). I guess if it was good news, we would know?? Ha - they don’t care as long as they are getting paid.

I guarantee they are going to come up with some dumb range (all level 3s should make $28-$34 per hour) and then they will bump up anyone not making the minimum while do nothing for everyone else.

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“Can we use LWOP if we get COVID instead of using up sick or PTO”, long winded non answer, so no then :upside_down_face:
Not to mention when they opened up the call to questions and somebody asked the most asinine question regarding highview timeouts.

I work at Paragon and all we’ve heard is everything is good and status quo. Now I’m worried we’re going to get a bomb dropped on us in a couple months. I’ve gotten an offer to come over to CACI for more money. Anyone think that would be a safe bet? I just want job security.

Anyone have any idea who is being dropped? I work at Paragon and am concerned (though I really like Paragon). I received a CACI offer and am wondering if I should take it.

Right now Paragon is the best option and CACI would be a bad decision. The pay increase would need to be very significant to work for CACI. Get the offer in writing from CACI then present it to Paragon and ask for a match.

Did you see the email last week that openly confronted rumors generated from other vendors about Paragon? I’ve personally spoken to the CEO of Paragon on multiple occasions and I believe he’s genuine to the best of his knowledge. He said we aren’t going down and I believe him. It’s rare for me to believe a vendor after 22 years ha!

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Thanks for saying that and it does makes me feel better. I actually wasn’t worried about anything until that email came out. I was oblivious to the rumors prior and felt like the tone of the email seemed a bit defensive or like they were worried. I do truly enjoy Paragon and feel like they treat their people well. I have nothing bad to say about them aside from feeling that pay is a bit low, but that’s pretty much true for anyone in any job. Thanks for the response!

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If you are truly happy with Paragon, don’t go anywhere! I am not at all happy with CACI. They’re treating us like crap.