Rumors that CACI Lost DCSA Contract

There are a lot of rumors going around that CACI has lost the contract with DCSA so I just wanted to share a few facts followed by my personal opinion. The following facts are in reverse-chronological order.

  1. Fact - CACI has their PMR with DCSA on November 8th. This is when we will know our ranking and other pertinent information from the government.

  2. Fact - CACI upper management announced that layoffs will occur if our ranking does not improve. This announcement was made during our All Hands Call on October 22.

  3. Fact - CACI required Section Leads to take paid/unpaid leave for several days in October 2019.

  4. Fact - CACI implemented a Tier system in which we are ranked Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 to determine workload priority (Tier 2 and Tier 3 investigators have had virtually no work). This was implemented in late September/early October 2019.

  5. Fact - CACI eliminated bonuses, overtime, TDY, and all other incentive programs in September 2019.

  6. Fact - CACI’s slowdown started in August 2019 and has progressively gotten worse since that time.

  7. Fact - CACI reported falling from the number one spot in the government’s ranking system in August 2019. It is unknown if we fell to second or third.

Personal Opinion I think CACI is where we are because of blatant mismanagement. While Perspecta and SCIS were laying off “bad apples”, lowering their fees, and acquiring new contracts/subs, CACI decided to hire all the GDIT “refugees” who were escaping a company that provided poor training and lax oversight. They also gave these cred-hires $4000 bonuses, and dished out countless referral bonuses at $3000 each. The result was lower quality/compliance while the GDIT folks adjusted and CACI left unable to afford lowering their fees to compete with Perspecta/SCIS.


Holding out for my referral payment. Work still being assigned but cases upwards of 150 miles of driving daily.

So, lets take this outline and apply to to the other contractors. While I agree that most of your facts are accurate, I am not convinced of your conclusion. As my username says, I am an investigator with CACI, but I was around during the USIS days. I have no idea what is going on at Perspecta or SCIS currently. But I am curious if they are experiencing these same “problems.” I know that SCIS has people on leave without pay. We all know Perpecta folks have work because they dropped their prices.

A couple things, first the ranking system. This is something that I cannot figure out. This has never been discussed until around this summer. Really until CACI “lost” the number 1 spot. So, where did this come from. No other contractor has ever heard of a ranking and I have yet to talk to an investigator in a competing company that knows their ranking. There are posts on here asking who is number 1, but nobody ever replies. Of course, we all know/think it is Perspecta because of the price drop, but it doesn’t seems like Perspecta is bragging that they are number 1 (like CACI did). For these reasons, I think the ranking is made up by CACI. There is truth that one company is getting more work than the others…but is it truly a ranking of 1, 2, and 3?

This takes me to my next point. In the world of BI contracts, I am assuming we have to be “promised” a certain amount of work each year. When you heard that CACI was awarded a 50 billion dollar contract (I am making up these numbers), that money isn’t paid upfront, it is over time with a certain amount of guaranteed work. So…using made up numbers…lets just say each company is promised 20% of the DCSA work (I am leaving the govt folks out of this because nobody knows how they fit into the equation)…and the remaining 40% of the work is awarded based on performance (or we have now learned, price). I think SCIS and CACI are currently operating with just their minimum 20% work (with neither company ranked above the other). Perspecta has all the extra work. The extra work is awarded differently each quarter (apparently). Now overall, we ALL know that work is down. This would explain why everyone is low (yet Perspecta is handing it better than everyone else). The kicker will to see how all companies deal with this dramatic ebb and flow of work. CACI does not have independent contractors and that might be their downfall.

Finally, a little bit on the low work - we are getting nearly zero DOD work. I have gotten DOD industry work, but minimal military work. What is everyone else seeing?? Part of me thinks that the military is holding clearance submissions back (maybe this is CE) and once they kick back in the work will go up again. I don’t think it will ever go back up to the levels it was before, but we were also working down a backlog, so we didn’t have a feel on what a current work environment looks like. It seems like T2 and T4 cases are the majority of the work right now. Anyone have insight as to what is going on with the military cases??

I personally think that CACI is being decently transparent about what is going on. Maybe we are being told more than other companies and that is why we know of this ranking system, PMR meetings, and what is going to happen if the work doesn’t increase. Or maybe it is all just a lot of BS with the higher ups only caring about themselves and are keeping us in the dark about what is really going on.

It is a fact that we are getting minimal work compared to what we used to…so, it makes sense that people are on leave without pay, SLs have to take time off, no bonuses, no TDY, no nothing. I don’t think that means we “lost” the contract. I wish CACI was handling this all better…I wish they could just float investigators and pay them until the work picks up, but apparently that costs just too much money. I appreciate the investigator ranking/tier system in that those of us who have consistently exceeded our stats are being rewarded for working hard. Again, maybe there is a better way, but they had to decide who was going to get the work somehow.

Everything right now is speculation…November 8th can’t get here soon enough.


No rankings in contract is real gdit told us the day we found out we lost the contract… gdit was last and CACI was first this was in August things could hve changed
All I know is get your ducks in order and good luck transferring clearance takes awhile took me 4 weeks just to start my job


Thanks for the contribution, CACIINVENSTIGATOR! I agree that CACI’s failure to offer competitive pricing contributed to the drop in workload. I also agree that CACI upper management has tried their best at transparency (but I think that’s only because they dont know anything/therefore have nothing to hide). They are very retroactive and reactionary.

However, I disagree that they made up the ranking system. I am a 1099 to 1Force and Securitas who acknowledged the system during my onboarding interviews.

CACIINVESTIGATOR - I also wanted to add that nobody talked about the ranking system until the summer because, to be honest, it didn’t matter what place you were in when there was a ton of work going around. But once the slowdown hit in anticipation for the DCSA transition, it really started to matter, thus higher ups started talking about it.

I think Perspecta and SCIS prepared for the slowdown while CACI management got blindsided. Seriously, why would they hire over 100 GDIT “refugees” right before an impending slowdown?

The ranking is real and everyone will be re-ranked after the pmr meeting. It has to do with price, quality, and timeliness. In short, if your price is high and you do crappy work, your rank will fall. Supposedly caci underbid gdit which caused them not to be able to complete. If perspecta is now number 1, I would assume they did the same thing.

Additionally, scis is number and perspecta is 3

One point not mentioned (or at least I do not see it), is that I was told that CACI mentioned (twice) that they had signed a contract extension. Of course, that doesn’t mean they won’t bail (nothing surprises me at this point).

Supposedly GDIT had done the same thing (signed an extension) and had the contract until 2021 at least and we all see how that turned out.

They all said they signed this extension, but aren’t we able to see the extension? Also, ranking has been around for a very long time. When I was at CACI, we knew USIS was first, then Keypoint then us. The crazy thing is GDIT told us that they mutually agreed with NBIB to leave because of exactly what is happening right now. They couldn’t guarantee the work. So did GDIT screw us or just let us go before the downfall of the Industry? It’s only a matter of time before the other industries are laying off in massive numbers.

To the person who said CACI hired the riff-raft from GDIT, you are absolutely right! Their greediness overlooked the need! No one vetted that first group who was let go purely off of stats and quality! They just took them in. They set themselves. Let’s looks at signing ISN as well. Sorry, but they allowed there seasoned employees of 3-4 years or less only get two points a day!! TWO POINTS!! But again, CACI didn’t look in to that

Perspecta has multiple contracts. How much work are they getting from DOD and how much from DHS and other contracts? That would be nice to know.

It’s going around that SCIS is now laying off!!?

Care to share your source?

Confirmed. Small number of field and review in low work load areas.


I just reached out to a reviewer who was laid off. He confirmed that he along with others were laid off

Confirmed for SCIS - field and review in slow areas. I wouldn’t be surprised if a round 2 is coming.

Really? So the downsizing is finally happening. In which areas?

At CACI absolutely nobody has had work for 3 days now

Also confirmed- SCIS sent a mass email today stating they laid off 5% of staff.

Dod is the largest gov agency. Guaranteed they are doing everything they can to keep this work in house. Won’t be surprised if they look at military personnel leaving service to transition into dcsa positions. Dod never liked when USIS privatized. Now that the ball is back with them, I feel the ship is sinking on contractors. I think it’s a bold face lie for upper management to say they don’t know what is happening. They are either lying, or panicking. Probably both…