Re-bid contract drama

Anyone else see this email this morning Re: the re-bid??

Yes. More than likely this is 1Force trying to position themselves as a sub contractor on a prime contract to either Peraton, Paragon, or CACI. 1Force was a sub-contractor to KGS/Perspecta for several years. I am unsure what 1Force has been doing the last couple of years for BI work.

Peraton is using 1Force quite a bit in the West right now. It’s hard to find/hire perfect unicorn employees that are willing to accept low pay in high cost areas and 1 Force is filling the gap in workers. Peraton recently settled a an overtime lawsuit and is now paying higher overtime rates for employees.

Does anyone have any insight into possible pay increases proposed in the new contract? Is the current contract up for rebid still a firm fixed price contract? I believe it still is…but I’ve heard contradictory scuttle.

Yep. Got that email.
Last I knew , they were a sub for Peraton.

Yes, I got the email. I barely worked for 1Force about 5 years ago. I only lasted one month as I soon realized the pay was literal dirt. They do not allow you to bill for the excessive things you have to do in order to maintain the job and so I ended up doing mainly things off the clock and for what I could bill, when all was said and done I averaged about $10 per hour. It was a complete joke. If things have changed since those 5 years ago, I would maybe entertain the idea of working for them but that would only be if things have drastically changed and I could average more then below minimum wage!!! Does anyone know if things have changed?

Sounds like they’re soliciting FI’s without soliciting FI’s.

If I read that correctly: DCSA wants an emphasis on prime vendors that subcontract work to smaller companies that (likely) will utilize a force of 1099 contractors?

30% small business is quite a chunk - it has been 10% recently and I think CACI was able to dump the requirement due to the lack of work 2019/2020. Like ISN, it seems like 1Force may hire employees and offer Ind. Contractors to show a “force” of credentialed investigators. Can’t figure out the logic of any of this…2 vendors, more small biz - what is the real goal?

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There was probably a law passed requiring this action. Who knows?

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How does OneForce work? I know OneForce is contracted under Peraton. Does OneForce have their own review specialist’s or do they send all their cases to Peraton for review? If you work for OneForce are you essentially a Peraton CI with a Peraton laptop and working through Peraton’s platform?

That is how it appears to work. Not sure really. But they seem to work in conjunction with Peraton.

I heard a rumor that if a company (not saying which) doesnt get the new contract they plan to be a sub for one of the companies who wims the bid…kind of a plan B. That will be a first and a good way to get out of paying unemployment.

I know of a few people laid off from a RIF at Paragon who were contacted recently about possibly applying there again to work…which is interesting. They didn’t quite know what to think - especially with the contract drama currently - and weren’t willing to chance being laid off again. It was all done in a secretive manner, but most of us have stayed in touch / still talk and thankfully have moved on to better things!

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Did you like the company while you were there?

It started out really well and then turned into the same crap as the other contractors unfortunately. And they flat-out lied to us about layoffs and RIF’s and then hired PT contractors to replace some employees. Loved my job but not willing to trust them to work there again - even if they have a new name. Would proceed with caution!

Thanks. I’m currently interviewing with them. I despise my current employer, so my expectations are already low.

Peraton, paragon, and caci are all scrambling for bodies to make the 30% sub contractor requirement in the new dcsa proposal.


Does anyone on here work for 1Force? I am currently employed by Caci but maybe looking into becoming a contractor instead . Any insight is appreciated.

I worked for them for couple years. They were a great company. Management is great. I only left because at the time the work wasn’t steady.