Re-bid contract drama

Thank you . That’s my worry is the work won’t be there .

Anyone hearing anything lately? Trying to decide if i need to jump or stay.

Do you want unemployment in December to relax with awhile or do you want to keep working? I jumped and others i know also jumped. Ive had 2 different contract companies straight up tell me para lost the contract. If you stay do it for the unemployment even though i suspect theyre currently brainstorming on how to get out of paying it…maybe by offering less work or 1099 or something.

I don’t think any of the contract companies have any answers. They will say what they need to for their own agendas. They can speculate but the contract hasn’t been awarded or lost by anyone yet and to state otherwise is irresponsible
The way CACI and Peraton are recruiting seems desperate. And anyone who goes over there better be prepared to get treated like nothing more than a statistic and be constantly badgered over numbers.


It’s actually not that bad so far.

All I know is that Paragon in Florida could care less about their investigators. I can’t believe that my lead was more interested in having more work assigned to the Florida team before we lost power so that we could print all of the material we needed. And then what? What are we supposed to do then? work in the dark? Call leads who have evacuated the areas? Simply unacceptable behavior.