Paragon postponed onboarding indefinitely, need company suggestions

Hi all,

I’ve been reading discourse on here about Paragon Systems and how it’s been declining recently (cutting hours, staff leaving, etc.).

All that to say, I started the hiring process with them back in the beginning of July 2023. I re-submitted my e-QIP on 2/14/2024 and had an investigator reach out needing updated contact info for references on 3/21/2024. I just met with my investigator in person last Thursday, 4/25/2024, and he gave me nothing but hope that my TS clearance was good to go.

Today, 5/2/2024, I got an email from Paragon’s Recruiting email that reads:
“Due to a recent change in our workload, we regret to inform you that all upcoming training classes have been postponed indefinitely. Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to provide you with a start date or any timeline for when we could potentially bring you on board and cannot move forward with the hiring process. Therefore, you have been removed from consideration…”

I need some help now. I’m trying to find a background investigator role at a different company. I relocated for this job in October to Baton Rouge, LA under the pretense that I would be starting sooner rather than later. Any company suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am at a loss right now. Thank you all

I have no suggestions, just wanted to say I’m sorry this is happening to you.

Correction, maybe one suggestion. Paragon is a Sub under CACI. Maybe reach out to CACI and see if they are hiring/training folks in that area. Explain your situation and that your clearance seems to be moving forward. It’s worth a phone call in my humble opinion.

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Got this same email. My clearance was approved in march and I’ve been waiting since then to get a training date. I’m unbelievably pissed off at this. Especially since I’ve been waiting since October. I live in the DMV so many options available. But some companies you may wanna try are: CACI, Peraton, DCSA, etc. and also try if you were able to secure your clearance. Good luck! This sucks for us all :-1:t3:

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Reach out to some of the subs….1Force, Constellis. See if you can get in with them.

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I completely understand. It’s been 10 months of waiting for me and still no clearance updates. Wishing you the best of luck!

Thank you. I’ll reach out!

For folks looking for a soft place to land:

2 Primes are Peraton and CACI. Both are hiring and training new investigators. Might depend on your location.

Subs under CACI: Xcelerate Solutions, CANDA, EnProVera, EMT. I think that is it, if anyone has additional info, correct me.

Subs under Peraton: 1Force, Brush Creek (or Bush Creek, unsure) There are others, but I do not recall names right now.
I do not know if any of the Subs for either are offering training, but its worth a call.

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i’m in the same boat, also started the hiring process with paragon in july 2023. is paragon also refusing to tell you whether or not your security clearance was granted? i’ve asked three times and got roundabout answers every time; it would be really helpful if i knew either way so i can tell other companies.

The email I got back was telling me that DCSA decides whether or not to continue my clearance process once Paragon has separated their name from mine in the system and whether or not I would keep an interim secret clearance. I was also told that they may require a completely new investigation be started if I was to seek out employment with another job that requires a TS clearance. So basically yes, no good answers provided by them. I’m sorry you’re in the same boat. Hopefully you’re able to find another place soon so you don’t have to start all over

Try CACI or Peraton if you want to work directly for prime contract vendors. ACI Federal was hiring full time employees to support CACI. Xelerate Solutions was recently recruiting as well.

That said I just became an Independent Contractor and I will not ever go back being an employee. Check out 1Force, Brush Creek (both support Peraton), CANDA (who supports CACI), and I am sure those who know more than me will share the others as well.

Sorry this happened to you. I had a similar thing happen to me with years between the initial and second offer. It is frustrating to be sure, but stick with it. I went and got another job until everything was complete.

That really sucks what has happened to you. At Paragon now, at least in my area Florida we have lost a ton of investigators. Us who remain now are being assigned cases out of our area to be done my phone or video, which sucks because we don’t get a much credit for doing remote work.

EnProVera is hiring 1099s and has a job posting on Clearance Jobs. You can also apply through their website.

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The 2 Primes are Peraton and CACI. They would be your best bet

Well we all got an email this morning stating that because Paragon is no longer working the DHS contract, then those investigators working on the DCSA contract can either quit or work as an independent contractor for Paragon.

I went to Peraton and I will say their systems and leaders have been great to work with. I know they are a Prime for DCSA, DHS and Intel and will take those that are cleared in DHS/Intel and don’t necessarily need to work DCSA.

They knew the contract was gone months ago but continued lying about having work. The reason they let the ship slowly sink is so most would jump and they wouldn’t have to pay unemployment. PS… they can’t force you to take 1099 and if you quit for no work you’ll get unemployment. Why not just say if people don’t want 1099 they will be laid off? Games

One word of caution with Peraton (hey they all have flaws)…in my experience with them, you are required to work multiple contracts. No options given. So you may end up carrying 5/6 different creds and trying to keep track of the reporting requirements of different contracts. With no additional pay or lower expectations of production. I left them a bit ago, they may have changed this as I know investigators were pushing back on it.

Seems like things have changed for the better since you left. SU credit has been increased on Intel and now individuals can be limited to contracts.

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Very glad to hear that. They had reached out to me a few months ago wanting to know if I wanted to return, and had hinted at some changes.