Paragon Investigations - Stay far away!

Unrealistic expectations which force you to work off the clock to save your job, no longer provide health benefits or life insurance, management that doesn’t care about their employees!! It’s no longer about national security like when I first started, and it is now about saving themselves from the poor decisions that they made following them losing primary status on the DCSA contract. There are plenty of other contractors that will treat you better - take my advice and stay far far away.


Paragon still has employees? I thought they went out of business


They are prime on DHS contract.

Peraton, CACI and OMNI are also prime on DHS. Supposedly 4/2024 the Paragon DHS extension ends so probably going bye-bye all the way around.

Incorrect. The prime on DHS last through 2026. And why the wish for the demise of Paragon? You may be disgruntled and hoping for the worst, but there are still investigators working and want to have a job.


Nothing to do with investigators. Yes there are fantastic people that still work there, but unfortunately they’re being worked to death and not receiving the compensation they’re entitled to. This is especially the case for those supporting the DCSA contract, which are working off the clock in order to save their job. It’s not right and I hope this company pays dearly for it!!!


I don’t think anyone is wishing for anyone to be out of a job. I can only speak for myself, so I’ll just say the rumblings I have heard (all hearsay) is that Paragon (which I heard was previously the most desirable vendor to work for) is now treating their employees terribly. But the fact is that when one vendor falls short for no issue of the staff - investigators/reviewers/etc, we all feel it, contract wide, despite who employs us. I myself have heard that Paragon didn’t do well with whatever so we have to step up to show the customer how great we are blah blah blah. No one is wishing ill on the staff, we all know it’s not their fault. Personally, I’d give a recommendation to any credentialed investigator who wanted to come to CACI that’s afraid of losing their job elsewhere, even if I don’t know said investigator. We need everyone who knows this job. PS - if you’re in the Philly area - contact me asap. :+1:t2:

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Bad actors (companies) are best weeded out, as they negatively impact everyone working the contract. Investigators leave in droves because they are treated like crap. We, as a contract whole, lose valuable members who are experienced and know how to complete the work accurately. The time spent training new investigators is a drain on everyone. We need companies to act ethically, treat their employees with respect and dignity, and bring new people into the field while retaining the experienced individuals.

Anyone at Paragon who is credentialed can, as I say “take their badge and go elsewhere” The other vendors on the contract are actively hiring, whether you want to be a W2 or a 1099.

Good luck to all the Paragon employees. Explore your options and do what is best for YOU.

So I find all the trash talking about Paragon interesting. Tell me what vendor currently pays you to consistently not make your production numbers? All of the vendors are here to make money and if you can’t make your production numbers there are consequences.

It’s my opinion that in the beginning, when Paragon was the prime, they were a lot of overpaid investigators not producing what they should have for their pay rate but nothing was ever said on done to them and that is a part of the culture that has changed now that Paragon is not the prime, and people are upset about it.

There have also been changes to save money, and while people may not agree with it, I believe it is in an effort to keep the culture so many came to Paragon for. I’ve never talked to one person who left another vendor and wasn’t happy with what they found at Paragon. So while there are plenty of people not happy with the current changes, no one is keeping you at Paragon. Go to another vendor and see if you like it there. But one thing I can guarantee, you will still have a production number and if you don’t meet that production number you will hear from your manager and there will be consequences.

With the work being done remotely now, it is easier than ever to meet your production goals and exceed them.

Like SMCVA said, do what’s best for you. I thought I did by leaving Paragon because I was worried about longevity, but that was very short lived and I quickly came back because it was not the same work culture and not how I wanted to work, and this was the same for a bunch of people who initially left Paragon and are now back.

It’s not difficult, just do the job you are being paid to do.

You’re either an overpaid manager who brings in zero revenue but complains about overpaid investigators (??) or you’re an investigator who couldn’t hack it at another vendor and is spending too much valuable production time with wordy posts on this board
Either way Paragon is a has been due to their own incompetence and negligence, not the investigators who kept that place afloat as long as it was.


Your bitterness is astonishing.

As an Investigator that has worked at almost all the vendors for a long period of time, Paragon is no different than any of the other vendors. Changes occur throughout the course of the contract and all vendors look to save money by cutting costs. Im not sure how Paragon did you wrong, but I guarantee that CACI and other primes are doing the same thing.

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Now you have. Paragon was a dumpster fire the entire time I worked for it. Went back to my prior vendor and couldn’t be happier.

Agree with this! Most unorganized vendor I’ve ever worked for and I’m an experienced Investigator as well. No direction and it was a sinking ship ever since becoming a sub to CACI. They are cutting corners to try to save the managers and have no concern for the Investigators. Interesting fact: when ALL benefits were cut for Investigators, guess who got to keep theirs…the managers and higher-ups. Shocker. WORST company I’ve ever worked for how they treated Investigators.


So they stopped contributing to medical premiums of FI’s, but kept paying for the managers?

And support staff. But in all fairness, they dont get paid what they deserve.

Any truth to the rumors that all remaining DCSA investigators were forced to go work for CANDA or be laid off?

I was not forced to go to Canda. It was a choice. There was no pressure whatsoever. And, I made the choice to go to Canda.

And, there are still DCSA investigators at Paragon.

Thanks for the update! My source is spouting nonsense then.