Paragon; does anyone know what’s going on?

Paragon has, since the beginning of the year, reduced mileage reimbursement, ceased life insurance benefit, ceased medical insurance benefit, and since last spring ‘kept’ 75 cents per hour off everyone’s H&W stipend, telling Investigators that the Feds reduced it.
All support staff is gone.

Whatever management is left is not telling anyone anything- no program updates, no team meetings, nothing. No evaluations/raises for Investigators since April 2022.

Does anyone have any real info, not just speculation?

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We are all wondering the same. The company is no longer transparent as it once was.

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Just joined the recently unemployed from Paragon. After the nearly 400% increase in medical premium cost, they incorrectly took out what would have been the former premium. It was supposed to be refunded last week, but they took it out a second time. I have emailed several people, with some of the emails not being delivered (I think because those people are gone now, too), and no responses to the others. I hope everyone can land somewhere, or if they are dismantling investigations someone buys up that division.
It does make me wonder if something bigger is going in though?

There has been no government reduction in the H & W SCA benefits. They may be shifting it around with accounting tricks. I think the writing is on the wall that they are near collapse. Perhaps talk to an attorney or start applying elsewhere.


Yeah- they said the Feds ‘reduced it’ when in fact it was raised!
I’m looking at switching companies, but the two prime vendors hired up to fully staff for the new contract, and in my area they are not taking any new investigators.
I’m now looking at jobs outside of this industry.

Im also trying to figure out why there are so many paragon inv job postings too

Train and dump. Get themnto make a dent in aome of the backlog then drop them after a few months. Happened to me despite outperforming my whole team three months in a row.

I wasn’t told my benefits would continue after being laid off and they charged me for the unsubsidized premium despite not working. 600 bucks.

That is so shady. They seem to have gone from reputable and a desired employer to downright unethical and a nominee for worst employer since losing the contract. Glad you got out regardless of how….try to get your money back. Didn’t realize things had gotten so bad over there that they have to steal from the few employees they have left!

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Friend recently gave their two weeks notice and their response was “actually you can just leave right now”.

This doesnt surprise me

Unfortunately those are the facts. Everything that’s been posted here is true. The most unethical fact is the company stopped paying a portion of health benefits which completely affects families. It doesn’t get much more unethical than that. But nice try some sort of manger.


Yep- anyone trying to give two weeks’ notice is being told ‘today is good’…

They are desperate for Investigators in southern states for the DHS contract. It seems the facilities that need cleared employees are located in the boonies where no one, or not many, at least, college educated, TS potential candidates live.

Absurd. It pretty much takes an entire day to pack up your equipment and manifest your case materials. Forget typing up and reports you haven’t transmitted yet.

Odd, the messaged that I replied to seems to have disappeared? I was commenting that it’s all true in response to someone who was questioning our ethics. Hmmm?

Yep, gave my two weeks and told that’s ok leave in 2 days. Not even enough time to finish typing cases, manifest 75 cases and pack up equipment. Real nice. Sinking ship for sure. They are doing some shady crap with my last few checks too. Good riddance!

I put my notice in and was permitted to work out my 2 weeks. My manager said it was his call. I do agree they have been doing some weird things with my pay (still deducting old amounts of insurance that I changed after they stopped funding insurance not paying h&w).