Paragon hiring 1099 ICs?

Former senior investigator pal of mine just told me Paragon is hiring 1099 Independent Contractors again? Does anyone have any insight? My understanding was Paragon was sub to CACI but that was handled by CANDA? Myself and a few other IC’s would like to engage with CACI, but we are all not thrilled about anything Paragon given the way that all went down.

Yes, my POC just posted on LinkedIn that Paragon is hiring for 1099 positions. I’ve been an IC with them for a couple of years and for what it’s worth I’ve never experienced any of the drama that I often see posted on here. Rates are good, communication is good, I don’t have anyone breathing down my neck every second. The only annoying thing I’ve dealt with is having a different CAC every few weeks due to them leaving or being laid off. Everything else has been fine.

I don’t know anything about Paragon’s current situation, but, if you are looking for 1099 work under CACI’s prime, you might want to check out EMT Holdings.

Thank you. I have been told as a new IC to make sure I am engaged with both primes, and so far on the CACI side it has only been full time employee positions. I will definitely check out EMT Holdings.

EnProVera is also hiring 1099s, they are a sub under CACI. More information on their website.

Xcelerate doesn’t offer 1099 currently, but they do offer part-time if you’re interested. They’re also a sub to CACI. A lot of Paragon FI’s went over there and seem to enjoy it.