Paragon Systems, Omniplex


I am a current employee for CACI and was wondering if Paragon Systems and/or Omniplex is much better concerning metrics, employee treatment, management, and workload.

Thank you and I appreciate all!

Paragon used to be better, but now that CACI has taken over, there’s virtually no difference.


I have to concur with Investigator721. Paragon is CACI now.

You could go 1099. Determine your own work level, less stress. Just a thought.

Omni is the better choice but the problem with them is often part time due to work availability in an area. Paragon used to be good but now they aren’t due to super high expectations while navigating two laptops signing in and out, different emails, all because Paragon is prime on DHS so there’s a lot of going back and forth and it’s very time consuming. Paragon went downhill and continues to go downhill in my opinion.


Judging by some of the threads on here, and reviews I’ve read elsewhere, they are all equally horrible.


Paragon is CACI, unfortunately. Paragon used to have ethics, morals, and care about FIs. They don’t anymore.


Personally I’ve had many coworkers that have moved vendors to Xcelerate Solutions. While they’re a sub under CACI, it seems as though they have a culture that is smaller and overall a better place to be. I’d recommend anyone to look into what they have to offer.

Can the mods please ban these obvious ads by Xcelerwte employees for recruiting purposes? Brand new accounts posting almost word for word about how Xcelerwte is “doing it the right way”

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Not posting for any reason other than sharing information on the industry right now and what I’ve heard/learned. Some vendors are on the downhill right now and some are doing well - think it’s important to put as much info out there about them all, good and bad.