Omniplex VS CACI?

I have been working on the OPM contract with CACI for nearly a year. This week I was offered a job with Omniplex working on intel background investigations. The pay is better however I haven’t been able to find many reviews from people working for them as background investigators. I was just wondering if anyone has any insight or advice on what it is like working for Omniplex.

I’m in the same position. I’m curious to know if Omniplex is fair to its investigators. CACI is a good company, but the pay bump is so significant it’s totally worth looking into.

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I ended up taking the job with OMNI. I needed the pay increase. Also I was able to talk to the regional manager more than I talked to my supervisor with CACI this week. So I also took it due to the smaller number of investigators. Let me know what you choose!

Hey, I was in this exact same situation in January/February. I got a job offer from Omniplex to come work on certain contracts. Also had about a year at CACI, now 1.5. For what it’s worth, they told me they expect 6 points per day, vs 3.7 at CACI, so that pay raise comes with a SUBSTANTIAL metrics increase as well based on my conversations with the regional manager. I ended up accepting it because of the clearance activation, but STILL have not received a start date, and as of last week they had just requested my credentials after getting clearance approval from the customer.

Unfortunately, I have not also received an offer from CACI to join the oversight program, which would mean no more of the day to day FI grind, so I’m not entirely sure what I want to do, although the CACI offer is substantially less money.

For what its worth, I asked the same question as you, and you can see the replies here: Omniplex? (/15char)

The regional manager I spoke to wasn’t very clear on the amount of points a day needed he said something like “around 5 contacts a day?”. I have been waiting a month and a half and all I have heard is your background investigation is pending approval by the government and that was after multiple emails to HR. I am not sure if I want to wait another 5 months or if I can spend that much longer in my current job without going insane! I am a level one and have been doing 2-3 ESIs a day outside of my assigned area and my team leader said it isn’t changing anytime soon.

I have recently been accepted into graduate school and will be attending part time and I am wanting to get away from the non stop stress of the BI field. So I am not sure what I am going to do now. I want to apply to other job opportunities but I am hesitant to since I have no idea what is going on with this Omniplex offer now.

Im currently in the background process for CACI. Could you give any insight on your experiences working with them? Workload, life balance, metrics, promotions? anything would help thank you

Very stressful, can be very difficult to meet metrics. Pretty crazy workload, life whats that? They do not know what the word promotion means. Leaving my job at CACI was one of the best moments of my life.

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Awesome cant wait. lol did it at least lead to something better for you in the end. Thanks

Rack, level one is tolerable once you get the hang of the job. I still feel like the pay is too low for the stuff BIs put up with on the daily basis and the level of knowledge required to be successful at the job. The job is very complex and the requirements change frequently. I spend a ton of time doing policy review in order to make sure I’m getting everything I need and not going out getting stuff I don’t. The first six months is probably the worst because you feel like Jon Snow - and know nothing. After the first 20-30 reopens you learn from those mistakes and get in your flow. Just before I left CACI they were getting nuts with this operation field work finish and putting pressure on BIs to produce more and more. The admin stuff is beyond belief and you can’t be left alone to just get your stuff done. If you don’t mind REALLY earning 15.80 an hr I’d say go for it. After a year you’ll have more options than CACI the other vendors will come calling with real money.

I know this is slightly off topic but I am also nearing the end of my background check for CACI, but as a case reviewer. Does anyone have any idea of work life in this role with CACI or heard of anything. I have scoured the internet and it seems like no one on job boards have this job with them. Also my investigation is going quickly due to expedition, did anyone have a quick check go for them in CACI.

How long has your background taken from submission of SF86? I have been seeing peoples taking 6 months to a year but CACI said they have a agreement with OPM that they get priority so I was trying to get a better idea on how long it will take from someone from the company. I havent seen much about case reviewers though mostly investigators so couldn’t help you there.
good luck at CACI.

I got my PR while still employed at CACI and it took roughly 5 months from submitting the SF86 until full adjudication.

Mine actually took around two and a half weeks but I was living outside OPMs headquarters at the time. If you’re in the DC area it could be like a year. I was still doing ones from 2015

Hey Rack sorry I didn’t see this until now. My investigation was insanely quick with CACI and NBIB. They were so on the ball, I got my ssbi adjudicated last week. I am not sure if it is all of them or I got lucky with a lead investigator but he was driven as hell. Here is my timeline.

Submitted Eqip: 11/20/17
Subject Interview 12/7/17 (Agents aggressively called and had in person interviews with 10 contacts within the 2 weeks after.)

Silence during Holidays

1/2/18: FSO emailed me that I was cleared and to confirm training dates.

CACI process for Investigations Case Reviewer.