Has anyone had any experience working as an investigator with Omniplex? Anything positive to say about them? Thinking of leaving KGS for them.

What issues have you had with KGS? I went with CACI and I am interested in Omniplex too at this point.

I have looked into Omni and have actually been hired by them as an independent contractor; however, I have not yet moved past the orientation phase and am staying on board with CACI for the time being. Omni is paying $27 per hour and closely monitoring the metrics. This is underscored in the orientation material. What I don’t know is how forgiving they are when you have an issue laden case that exceeds ‘the norm,’ whatever that is. You’re on your own otherwise. No mileage reimbursement. No pay during orientation to learn their system. KGS, meantime, is paying a flat rate per case regardless of how long it takes you to complete it. Omni has been pathetic in terms of communication. From the time I submitted my application to now, no one has called or talked to me in person. totally disengaged.

Omniplex is trying to move into the OPM game. They are trying to boost their ranks to start making pitches for OPM contract work. I wouldn’t be surprised if they “hire” a bunch of BIs and have them retained simply for the purpose of making pitches. All of the BI contractor companies leave something to be desired. Pick your poison. It’s kind of like, who would you rather be an assistant to Steve Jobs or Martha Stewart? Not to compare quality über alles types of Jobs or Stewart to this industry, which is more like a Jordan Belfort boiler room hustle.

According the job reviews, Omniplex investigators give only a marginally better review of their company than KGS or CACI. I’m not sure if the move to Omniplex would be worth it, other than the break from work and the new start.

What has made me decide to leave is the potential to work multiple contracts and not just the OPM one. I have heard that some other contracts are a lot more enjoyable to work. Also KGS is now all over you for weekly stats now. No longer can you have a good week then a bad week then another good week. The USIS management style is kicking into high gear. Also with regards to hiring with Omni i was told that until the customer accepts my background check i will not hear anything and it could take months. So i have plenty of time to decide.

Unfortunately CACI is the same with the weekly stats. Investigator stats are tracked weekly to determine if the monthly metrics will be made. It all very stressful and frankly it seems the OPM contract is just one big headache.


I’d be curious to know who the customer is. Obviously not OPM. And obviously not DHS. Yeah, anyone who has the choice will stay from the OPM contract and say it is 360 degrees of BS.


I guess with USIS out of the picture both KGS and CACI know OPM would never touch them now. It is all push, push, push… profit, profit, profit. The whole security clearance reform was a joke and it worse now then ever. Sad. Great if you’re a screw up looking for a clearance. Clearances are easier to get than a ‘no-money-down’ furniture financing from Fast Freddie’s Furniture in Newark.

The confidential ‘customer’ is the same one USIS had for years (then lost to OMNI) and for whom I held credentials and did case review. It’s no cakewalk, I assure you. OPM, meantime, is getting increasingly ridiculous, most recent case in point is the case retention policies in the field. And by god you better turn 'em back in the month following transmission or you’ll be disciplined if not fired. Never mind you will need those same case files you just sent back when you get an RZ. And the merry-go-round continues. Folks, I’m really tired of the threats and being treated like an unwanted step-child.


I have been unofficially told who it is and its real interesting. I have heard from multiple people that while its no picnic working for the customer they are not all up in arms like OPM is.


I dont understand why they are not bringing the work in house. We are being treated worse than a red headed step child. Integrity investigations have quadrupled over the last year.