Omniplex? (/15char)

This seems to be one of the only active forums left, so I thought I might get some good feedback here.

I was recently approached by this vendor, who asked if I would be interested in considering a move. I’m trying to get out of the BI position entirely, for reasons I’m sure many here can relate to, but largely because of my feelings toward the production system. I figured I would at least see what they had to offer since it didn’t cost me anything to take a look. Long story short, I was told by a few friends that its much easier to “succeed” metric-wise at that vendor, and ended up receiving an offer, but finding out in the process that their production expectations are actually about 50% higher than my current responsibilities, which I find to be “challenging” to meet already in 40 hours per week.

They also offered more money than my current vendor, activation of my clearance, and to put me on a non-OPM contract (they don’t do OPM work apparently). However, the significantly increased production expectation gives me great pause.

Has anyone had any experience with them, or any insight on this that might assist in this decision?

Productions metrics makes for a harsh task master. It is a case of “what have you done for me lately.” Meaning this week or reporting period. What you did last week or reporting period is of no consequence. If your territory is compact, densely populated, etc it can be easy. Everyone is within a 30 minute drive. If your territory is spread out…Wyoming comes to mind (spent 5 years there) then you have a lot of driving just to go from one town to the next.

Is the salary worth the increased production metric? Ask how the others meet this efficiency level with quality BI work. Are they for the same level of BI? Perhaps the metric is higher because they aren’t digging as deep?

Ugh, I had a bad experience with Omniplex. I’ll put it charitably, it’s a schlock company. After the spiral of Keypoint from a decent company to USIS-on-bath salts I decided to look elsewhere. At first Omniplex seemed like I had made the right move. “Hey, maybe some companies in the BI contracting business aren’t so bad after all.” Like an infatuated teenager with a new crush I initially overlooked some glaring warning signs. Fortunately, I ended my relationship with them posthaste. I’m now convinced that this field of BI contracting is about the same level of integrity as a Jersey City prostitution business. The only difference is in the latter your pimp will occasionally express appreciation for your hard work.

As did I. I scrutinized the hell out of their paperwork (1099) and it still left a sour taste in my mouth, so I pushed the recruiter for more info. I was never satisfied with their responses. Honestly, I think she just got tired of me asking questions, because all the sudden my “offer” was rescinded. The work is also apparently running dry for the moment (for a specific contract) according to an Omni FI i ran into in the field.

In my experience (as a full-timer), it’s the best contractor in the industry to work for. They are by far the most supportive and fair of all the contractors I’ve worked for. For me it really isn’t even close. Also, I can’t stand OPM work and the contracts that Omni has are so much easier/rewarding to work. I’m trying to get out of the industry, but Omni is the best I’ve worked for as a full-timer (FWIW). I have no experience as a contractor with any company, so I really can’t speak to that.

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Thanks for all the feedback, I ended up accepting the offer, though I still have reservations. The vendor I’m at now, who shall remain nameless, is getting progressively worse and worse since the new contract came out, and things are reaching the point where something’s gotta give.

I’m reaching a point where I think I’ll either need to leave entirely, or at the minimum go to part-time status. Has anyone gone from FT to PT (or 1099 as a few mentioned here)? Was that move worth it?

Is there a PM system here? I’m interested in hearing more from a few of you guys, but I don’t know how much you want to broadcast out in the open.

I have also been given an offer from Omni, I am currently working for an OPM contractor and am not enjoying the changes since the new contract came out. Just wondering how the process as been for you and if you think it was a good decision.

I replied to your other thread, but I took the offer and still am at my original vendor, waiting on a start date. I’m not sure if I’m going to go over now, as I’ve been offered a support position on the OPM contract, though at a lower pay rate than Omniplex.

I dont suppose anyone else here has actually started at omni and can comment?