Contract Investigators-Omniplex

Hey all,

Happy Monday. I’m one of those affected by GDIT leaving the OPM contract and received an offer from Omniplex for their CBP, ICE, Sherlock, and Unicycle contracts.
I’m still fairly new in this field-almost 1.5 years at GDIT. Just looking for some input regarding contract work from anyone who has done so-pros, cons, tips, etc. before I decide to accept or not.

Thanks in advance!

Did you ever get processed? I just got accepted a week ago, and have no idea how long the process will take. Have you done your training with them yet?

I think they are waiting to see what the workload will be in the new FY. They don’t want to hire too many. They know they have a large pool of trained, cleared investigators ready to select from.

Same here. Theyre infamous for making an offer but whether they actually ever start ppl is unknown…

I know of no one who hears back from Omniplex/Constellis. Other than the auto-generated “thanks for applying” email or the initial “please send your resume to so and so,” I (nor anyone else I know) ever hear anything from them. Does give one pause for the type of company it is.

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After 4 months of waiting, today I received an email from Omniplex that I am cleared to start training for the CBP contract.

So in 8 months you should be good to go!

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Haha yea… I’ll update on how long this portion takes as well.