Contracting for Omniplex

Anyone else hired as a contract investigator for Omniplex recently? I’m trying to find out how long this process takes and what I actually need to provide myself as far as office equipment. I was a full timer previously with another company and this is my first time going IC. Do they provide you with anything at all? Laptop, printer, etc. And what is training like for an IC? Thanks!

I am signed up with them and in process, Currently waiting on my credentials to arrive. Just know that it is a very long process. I’m going into month 7. You will need your own computer fom what I understand. I’m an IC as well.

It took me 4 months.

Wow! Okay. I was hired for 2 contracts, signed NDA for one of them last week. I haven’t heard anything since signing the NDA.

Received call today after posting here. Creds arriving tomorrow, received tracking info. I am aware there is additional orientation to be completed as well before work is assigned. Looking like into January sometime before I actually start.

From when I signed the NDA to creds it was two months. The holidays played a part in that too

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What’s the forecast for work for IC guys right now? I am FT thinking of transitioning.

I got a contract and signed in like September and currently awaiting training and stuff… So long process indeed.

Good luck. I hope it works out for all of you, but reading about contractors being let go I would keep me eyes open outside the industry and not make long term plans.

How did it go? And do you know how long your training will last?

Oh okay. I got hired for two different contracts. I’m still being told I will hear something from training by the end of this month…the clock is ticking.

Yes and no… So I did find out that I got into training… Training was all online reading on the platform, then taking a test. I took the test, submitted it and found out that it would take 4-6 weeks to receive my credentials via Fedex. I can’t do any work until I receive my creds. So sitting and waiting for awhile, didn’t hear anything else, so I reached out to them. They then let me know that things have slowed down tremendously due to COVID19 and they have no timeframe as to when I will receive my creds. Still hoping that I get them soon. At the same time, I’m looking around to see if there are any regular FT positions available anywhere, but it seems like (at least in my area) that it’s only contracting that is available right now.

Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately I’m not working CBP, ICE or DCSA. So hopefully the 2 contracts I am going to be working, will have work available.

Good to see that you are getting CBP cases. I have been looking for anything on the East coast and only found 3 cases all in DC. There hasn’t been much work in the last three weeks.