Cbp/ice training

Quick question, once you have taken the CBP and ICE training, how long does it take to get your creds? What’s the time frame I should be looking at?

I’m waiting on mine. Was told 3-4 weeks at the least, but that CBP can take months.

You have completed training and they are taking an additional 3-4 months to give you your creds? Or you’re still waiting to be cleared and the process from start to finish takes that long? It took me two months to get cleared and I finished training last week. You mean to tell me they are waiting four months? That is crazy

Disregard that, I misread and thought you said months! I was about to say lol

Which vendor are you all with? I just completed the CBP training last night. I know there’s more training to come but also curious as to how long before creds and work is issued under Omniplex? I sent everything in more than 4 months ago, It took quite a while for them to bring me on board but they have my photos and everything already.

Omni as well. It took about the same time frame. Looks like we all started training same time

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Just an update on timeline. Was told this week that creds and additional training should be issued in another “month or so”. Now at 5 months in process.

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Lol! A month or so?:woman_facepalming:t3:I was told no additional training. Or are they talking about another contract

A CI orientation was mentioned.

Five months+ is a long time to wait. Is the training paid or unpaid?

For me personally it’s no problem waiting. The ability to be multicrenditialed and have added work is a benefit - another bonus of not being FTE. Also my current company also has work on the same contract so even better.

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Yeah eventually it will be great but for those who aren’t working five months seem like an eternity

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I understand. I was riffed the first week of August by GDIT literally 2 weeks after transitioning to IC. It took 2 months to get back on. No unemployment, denied. Single mother, 2 kids, one special needs. Thank goodness for app based side gigs and other skills I could fall back on to get by. But, being at will and knowing this is likely to happen again I’m also actively applying for federal & state positions in various areas. I enjoy this job though. It’s challenging and it works for my family dynamic.

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I am in the same situation as you. I’m definitely looking for some side gigs as well.

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I’m headed to the ACBI conference tomorrow morning to look into the process for being credentialed in CBP and ICE. I should have taken up GDIT’s offer on working on that contract as an IC, but due to their wishy-washiness and my overall anxiety, I ended up turning them down.

They ended up not being able to hire us anyway.

Yeah they sent emails after offering us those positions stating that due tax reasons they are not able to bring us on board. Reach out to them again in 2020.
One of my former teammates as FTE survived the riff and was offered that part time spot and is actively working the contract.

Update: Omni rep called me today to inform me that my CBP credentials are printing. So, at least I know I’m moving forward. 6 months in so far. If I receive creds in Jan it will make 7 months since submitting packet. Has anyone started this contract with Omni yet?

It took me about 9-10 months to get the CBP/ICE creds. I was not in a hurry to get them and learn an whole new way of reporting since I was busy with NBIB cases at the time. I have them now and an still learning the differences in reporting. Kind of a pain. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of them in the next 6 months or so.

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There isnt any work with CBP or ICE either unless they are just freezing me out! I have both creds and work the Dallas area and I havent been assigned work since late Nov.