DCSA vs DHS vs Intel work as IC

Have been credentialed for NBIB, now DCSA for several years. I’m going to obtain DHS / CBP/ ICE credentials soon as well as possibly one of Intel contracts - just to be more marketable. Wondering what the difference is in work, turnaround time, any major pros or cons to working particular contracts. Advice? Thank you!

Well CBP takes awhile. I started the process the beginning of August. Just did the training last week. They said 1-2 months before getting the creds

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Ok thanks! I had heard there was a one week turnaround for some contracts. Curious if anyone knows of any other big differences?

CBP takes a while. I submitted my package in June, did training last week, told creds will be another month or so.

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Good move I’m doing the same. DCSA is unstable and undependable.


how do you obtain and hold multiple credentials?

You can work as a 1099 independent contractor for a company that will sponsor and train you on multiple contracts or you can work full time for a company that has multiple contracts and get trained and sponsored by them.

I know there are some IC agencies that will contract directly with you. I don’t know the process for that.

All I did was ask if I could work multiple contracts, each said yes so I applied with them. I made it clear I do not want to be FTE.

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