DCSA vs DHS vs Intel work as IC

Have been credentialed for NBIB, now DCSA for several years. I’m going to obtain DHS / CBP/ ICE credentials soon as well as possibly one of Intel contracts - just to be more marketable. Wondering what the difference is in work, turnaround time, any major pros or cons to working particular contracts. Advice? Thank you!

Well CBP takes awhile. I started the process the beginning of August. Just did the training last week. They said 1-2 months before getting the creds

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Ok thanks! I had heard there was a one week turnaround for some contracts. Curious if anyone knows of any other big differences?

Good move I’m doing the same. DCSA is unstable and undependable.


how do you obtain and hold multiple credentials?

You can work as a 1099 independent contractor for a company that will sponsor and train you on multiple contracts or you can work full time for a company that has multiple contracts and get trained and sponsored by them.

I know there are some IC agencies that will contract directly with you. I don’t know the process for that.