DHS Investigator vs OPM Investigator

Ive been offered a position with ACI Federal as a DHS/CBP Background Investigator Level I asking for 5 WTPD. I’ve also been offered an OPM Investigator position with CSRA asking for 3 WTPD. The DHS/CBP Investigator position is paying $5,000 more per year.

My sole question is this, which job will be overall easier. I’ve only been on the contract for one year.

Not sure, but there is a forum on here I started earlier about ACI Federal. The problem is no one has ever heard of them so it might be very difficult to start with them if they are not set up for success.

DHS/CBP/ICE is much easier work and a better product as well.

I appreciate the feedback. It has been difficult to find out any information regarding ACI Federal. Thanks.

Can you clarify the term “WTPD”? I assume it is caseload description?

Weighted testimonies per day

Weighted Testimonies Per Day

I have heard of burn out in the case load requirements and I am familiar with what happened with USIS. If the demands are too high the results are predictably sloppy.

Hey, ACI federal just offered me a job as well. I’m just curious if you ended up taking the position? How do you like it so far?

I didnt take it. However, I almost did and learned that everything is done through Keypoint. Keypoint laptop, Keypoint provides the cases… They wanted training for the DHS contract to be done prior to starting.

Ahhh, got you. I’m just super curious about whether DHS cases or similar or different from OPM/NBIB.

DHS is infinitely better to work than OPM (NBIB).

The rates also seem a lot more competitive

There is a plan out there in the cosmos to hire a lot more CBP and ICE personnel. That could increase the workload on DHS investigations. No idea if this plan will actually come to pass; in fact calling it a plan may be somewhat optimistic.

Realize an old thread – but can u expand on why the dhs/Ice/cbp is better…getting cleared for it now, worked nbib for last few years contracting. Workload same? ROIs similar? Interviews? Review process, reopens? Anything can think of would be helpful. Thank you in advance. Advice?