ACI Federal DHS Investigator

Anyone on here work for ACI Federal as a DHS or OPM Investigator? I received a call this week from a recruiter offering a 3K raise to switch from my current company to them. I was just interested to see how their operations are before I made a decision (ie other investigators on your team, Section Lead, how do you transmit your cases etc). The recruiter didn’t sound too confident in the answers to my questions. Thanks.

I was also contacted by them. I however do not know much about them as well, and couldn’t find much information on them.

Curious about any updates on ACI. I know they’ve been reaching out to current BI’s within different companies. The last I heard, they had just finished training with their first group of investigators. Am curious if it is worth a shot or if it’s a little too early to make the switch.

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They contacted me as well and told me that I would be making the same as an investigator in DC, but I had never heard of them before. But they offered me 30k less than what I make now! No thanks

They contacted me over a month ago maybe closer to two months now for the initial vetting process, barely asked me any questions. I checked my email the other day and got a job offer from them for 50k in the D.C area. I declined as I recently accepted a job offer out of the BI field. They also gave me very little information about the job. It was kinda strange…


I’m curious to know if you were able to parlay your investigator skills into your new career or if it is something completely different.

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I am currently reviewing e-Quips for Customs and Border Protection while I work on my master’s. Then I plan to try and get out of this industry completely.

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