IC questions please

For those that went from full time investigator to independent contractor, what are the pros and cons? DCSA only. If you are currently a full time investigator and want to be an IC with a different company, is it automatic hiring and immediately starting work with no downtime? What kind of pay rate for esi, tesi, source, record? Can u choose your cases? Are they assigned? How many cases do u get? Is it sustainable full time work? Is it less stress and no micromanagement? What is the process to become an IC? Best company? Thanks!

I can answer some of your questions:

As for moving from one company to another…it can be a simple transfer IF you move from a prime to a subk under that same prime, or from a subk to one prime to another subk under the same prime.

If you are moving lets say from Peraton to a SubK under CACI it’s a bit more work; you will be required to retake the NTS and pass it. You may be required to take company specific training (ie, manifesting, use of Investigator forms, etc) The downtime can be minimized to a weekend (in my opinion).

Pay rates vary by company. Best to speak to them individually and get their rates.

You have some say in case assignment, at least in my experience. You can ask for types of items, and the locations of items. You don’t get to go in and pick individual cases after reviewing the case papers (ahhh, the good old days!) You say how many units you want assigned.

Depending on the region, it can be sustainable full time work (DC metro comes to mind)

Less stress in my opinion for certain. No performance metrics, you are still expected to turn cases and not sit on them.

Hope that helps. Good luck!

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Thanks SMCVA. From Paragon, who was prime and now subk to CACI, to an IC at CACI or Peraton or 1 Force, etc. Is that an easy move? Who do I apply to, the company’s HR? Would it be full time work as an IC in northern VA? Best company for IC?

I know of a FI who was at Peraton but struggled with production as they didn’t want to work full time nor part time. They switched to 1 Force and are happier there. Can work as little or much as you want. However an a contractor for 1 Force, work isn’t guaranteed as work goes to full time Peraton employees first, then any overflow goes to 1 Force. This FI applied directly to 1 Force via their site.

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Only you can decide which company is a good fit for you. Going from Paragon (I believe a subk to CACI) to CACI or another subk under CACI should be a simple transfer. You most likely would hand carry your creds, PIV and CAC so there is no loss of time sending them back and waiting for their return. You can also work for a subk under CACI, AND a subk under Peraton.

Under Peraton there is 1Force and (I think) Bush Creek (?). There are others, I’m sure. Under CACI there is Paragon, EnProVera, and a few others. I know with EnProVera you can apply on their website. I do not know about the others, but I would assume an internet search would point you to their websites where you could find HR information. You can also reach out to Peraton and CACI directly and ask about their subs.

Is there a way to communicate directly? I could give you links and possibly phone numbers, but I’m not comfortable posting that information in a thread.

Good luck!

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Went from FT Paragon to IC with them, now IC with another vendor. Just a heads up, they will expect you to work any RZs that come in from your FT work after you become an IC and you won’t get paid anything to do so. I get it that it was your work and you should be responsible for it, but not after you are no longer an hourly employee that would get paid to deal with it. If you are a stellar investigator with little RZ problems, I would suggest IC with Paragon simply due to the pay per each item. Paragon does pay significantly more though per item compared to other IC vendors.

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How do we talk to each other outside of this blog?

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I would be glad to provide my email and phone number in the email if anyone has questions about 1099, specifically 1 Force.

Hereiam2024@yahoo.com - would love to talk more

Yes please. That would be great.