Questions for Omniplex investigators

I recently accepted an offer as a contract investigator for Omniplex and I have a few couple questions for any investigators who might work for them. Ill be mainly working UNI and Excal which is fine but I told them I would only be able to work extremely part-time and they seemed perfectly fine with it.

I just wanted to know how it works when it comes to choosing your own work, is it true you can literally choose whatever you want?

I don’t see myself having the time to conduct drawn out UNI subject interviews so I would probably just stick with records and sources, is that doable? The paperwork says I only need to work one item per quarter and it seems to good to be true.

I accepted the offer to supplement my income a little bit and also have something to fall back on, if for some reason things went south in my current position. Oh, and I suppose I missed being a background investigator. There, I said it.

I was also surprised to see that they pay for mileage on top of a very good hourly rate which is way way more than I was making at Perspecta.

Most of the threads on here regarding Omniplex are pretty old so I just wanted some insight as to what things are like for the company in 2020. Thanks in advance

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So even if I wanted to just do a few records or source interviews here and there and never touch an ESI that wouldn’t be an issue? I was told there is plenty of work in my area but I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Also, how timely are they with pay?

Choose to have the alerts sent to your phone by text and email so you get notifications immediately.

They pay on Fridays. Depending on when you submit the voucher, it can be as early as the next Friday. I have never waited more than 10 working days.

Good luck. I have always been amazed that anyone working independent on those contracts can make any money after the time it takes to fullfill all the unrealistic “requirements”.

Thanks for the good luck! So far the paperwork I’ve been signing has a very very good hourly rate as opposed to a flat rate, the paperwork also states that the company reimburses for mileage, so this makes me happy. Either way I already work full time so this will be very part time for me, if I can make an extra couple hundred a month then it will work for me

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Hello sideshowbob,
Can you give any updates on your position with Omniplex? I just applied to be a BI, but am thinking maybe I should be applying as a contract investigator, or should I apply for both? I’m facing the cold hard fact that working for CACI/Perspecta/SCIS is no longer going to be stable.

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I was given an offer the first week of october and I filled out a bunch of paperwork they sent me but it has been crickets since, not a peep.

The hiring manager did tell me that the process would take at least a couple of months for me to get creds, but we will see.I can’t offer you advice on whether to apply for a full time position or a contractor as that is ultimately up to you and whatever works best for you. I plan on doing it very, very part time so the contractor route makes sense for me

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Did you have Creds prior to accepting?

Anyone care to share how it plays out to go from FT to contractor?

I had Ice/cbp, bog and DCSA creds with perspecta but i turned them all in when i left the company in May, so there has been a few month gap since then with no creds.

I went ahead and applied for both contract and full time.

Anything is better than Perspecta!


I became a contractor in 2010 after 8 years of being an employee with USIS. I did this in order to care for my father. It has many ups and downs. I had one month I made over 14K and I had some periods where I did not have work for over 3 months. If you want to live a stable life as a contractor, you’d better have income from another source which I did. I did like the “lone wolf” aspect of it and being able to control how much or how little work I wanted to take on.