Does anyone even work at Omniplex?

A whole ago I was shopping for a new vendor and looked into Omniplex. There is not a lot of information out there about Omniplex like there is for CACI, KGS or even CSRA. Are the investigators at Omniplex so content that they don’t like to engage on the World Wide Web? Are they trying to keep Omni a secret so others don’t join up and ruin it? Are the so busy that they don’t have time to talk? Who works at Omni? How do you compare them to the other vendors?

I work for Omni. Most of the employees are contractors part-time. They’re the best contractor to work for full-time if you’re in the BI game. Also, if you’re sick of OPM/NBIB they are an excellent alternative.

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If you live in the Washington D.C, Northern Virginia area, or Maryland area, then you can apply for a F/T position with Omni. They have so much work that they hire F/T in select markets such as Washington D.C, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. I think that they also have a bunch of work in areas of California, Texas, and Colorado. Omni does most of their contracts for Intel work and DHS work such as ICE/CBP.

I independently contract with them and they are the best to deal with hands down…especially for pay. They typically pay between $28.00-$32.50 per contract and they also pay mileage rate of $0.53 per mile and a windshield rate of 0.50-.0.75 per mile on top of your mileage reimbursement depending upon your geographical area where you reside. Often, they’ll throw on an incentive of anywhere between $20.00-$200.00 to help out with any cases in remote geographical areas or areas that require a lot of travel to or large cases that are issue laden. I rate Omni #1 in my book (there’s nobody even in a close second), followed by #2 ADC LTD out of Abq, New Mexico, and CSRA (third). If you want to get on with OMNI, get onto their website and apply within the specific geographical region if there is a F/T position and if you want to get on as an independent contractor, apply with them for the nationwide independent contractor position. You won’t regret working for Omni…at least that has been my experience.

I had considered Omni when I was considering leaving my vendor but was afraid to take the 1099 leap as there aren’t any full time positions in my area. It would have been great to get credentialed for DHS because this OPM work is exhausting. What percentage of your work due to get from Omni? Does Omni have a system of choosing your cases? After talking to KGS it was clear they seemed to give their first choice to full timers and leave the garbage cases for contractors, does Omni do the same?

Omni does have a system for self assigning cases for contractors. I doubt F/T employees have this option. Omni is contractor heavy and they rely upon contractors to work most of their cases…the good, the bad, and the ugly. I don’t believe they show preferential treatment to their F/T staff. KGS used to give all of their “good work” and PR’s to their contractors. F/T’ers caught wind of this apparently and contractors get stuck with the good, the bad, and the ugly now (mainly the ugly now over the last year).

If you ever become a contractor, Omni is a great option. You can always become an independent contractor with OPM/NBIB and also contract with Omni as well in the future. Just a thought. Take the leap. It’s well worth it.

What happens when you need to re-up and do a PR, who sponsors your clearance? I did not know you could go complete IC and not have to go through a vendor, but judging from your response you can only contract directly with OPM and not the other agencies.

When I got accepted by Omni they offered an hourly rate but KGS told me they paid a flat rate per case. Is there a cap on hours you can work for a certain case? In both instances I would be curious to know if a premium is paid for the occasional “blow-up” case.

hi there,

i got offered for omni. did drug test and sent in paperwork, it’s been 3 weeks and haven’t heard anything back. anyone know how long it takes for omniplex to get you onbard??

Took me one year exactly and I had an active clearance and was already doing OPM BIs.

yikes. contractor or full time?

I’ve been a full-time investigator for just shy of 8 years. I had some weird circumstances admittedly though. I had moved to a new state after getting my JO and that summer PRs werent even being processed. Also, Omni decided to wait until my PR was complete before giving me a final date. All those factors kind of converged into the worst situation possible for me timewise.