New DSCA Contract

So the new contract has been out, looks like CACI and Peraton are the two primes. Has anyone heard who the Subs are under these two? Last I heard there were multiple subs competing for a piece of the work, some familiar, some new names.

Paragon is a sub to CACI. Don’t know about the rest.

OMNIPLEX is a sub to Peraton and hiring FT, PT, and CI right now.

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I think both companies have a few under them. CACI has Paragon, IDS, and Xcelerate I think? Maybe a few more. I’ve heard of Brush Creek too but not sure who they’re with. There are some new ones that seem to be making a good impression - I’m considering getting back into the field after a year off and joining Xcelerate. A previous coworker told me about them and they seem to be doing things right.