CACI Sub Contractors

Does anyone know all of the CACI Sub Contractors on the DCSA contract that will contract with IC’s? I have knowledge of only two sub-contractors to CACI.

Information Discovery Services (IDS) and EMT Holdings. Who am I missing? Does anyone know all of the sub’s to CACI on this contract? Seems like there are at least a half dozen.

Hey, something I know!

So subs to CACI are:

IDS ( I believe they hire ICs)
ACI (know nothing about them)
Xcelerate (I think they only hire W2 employees, I could be wrong)
MBO Partner (again I only know the name, no personal experience with them)
Inquiries Inc (know nothing of them)
Mind Your Business Inc (know nothing of them)
CANDA (Paragon is sub to CANDA and does hire ICs)
EnProVera (only hiring 1099s at this point, I’ve spoken to them; Veteran Owned, small company)

I have not heard of EMT Holdings, could they be a sub to one of the subs? It can get so confusing!

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Wow….what a crap show. So which sub contractor is the best to deal with from an IC perspective only on the DCSA contract and has access to the most work from CACI?

While I am on this topic who are all of the sub contractors to Peraton?

1 Force and Omniplex are the only two sub contractors I am aware of with Peraton.

Who is Paragon a sub to?

Paragon is a sub to CANDA who is then a Sub to CACI. Odd, I know and I heard that from an Investigator who works for Paragon so I trust the info.

As for Subs to Peraton…1Force and Omni as mentioned. Also a new player, Brush Creek? Bush Creek? I think it’s Brush…they are hiring 1099s. There must be others, but I do not know them.

NETS was one I came across, but I have no confirmation that they are working DCSA or that they are Sub to either of the primes.

You can also be an IC directly to Peraton, but they have some kind of point system in place, which sounds to me like “performance metrics” I don’t have details. CACI is not hiring 1099s at this time.

As for who is best to deal with? You really have to speak to each of them and form your own opinion. What is deemed “Best” by you might be something I could not deal with. I do know EnProVera is only working DCSA, while Xcelerate and IDS are working multiple contracts (at least that is what I heard) The others I don’t know specifics.

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Just an FYI - Omni is not doing DCSA work - but may be a Sub under CACI for the other contracts that they do (?). I would think that CANDA/Paragon has the tightest relationship with CACI but I have no clue on whether they are getting work.

It is my understanding that Omniplex is actually a sub contractor to Peraton on the DCSA contract and is beginning work very soon on this contract.

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