Vendor Info - who's doing what?

Anyone have any insight on what vendors are supporting what contracts? With all the movement, just trying to gather info on what companies hire 1099 and what companies only have full-time.

Also interested in any feedback on any of the vendors as well.

I love this work, but finding it difficult to decide where to go.

From intel I’ve gathered, on DCSA under Peraton there is OMNI and Brush Creek Solutions, both are hiring 1099s. There are others under Peraton, but I have no company names or details.

Under CACI there are 7 (I think) Subs: CANDA (who is/was Paragon?? Or Paragon is a sub to CANDA??), Mind Your Business, Xcelerate, Inquiries, MBO, IDS, and EnProVera. EnProVera is hiring only 1099s, and only working DCSA, I spoke with them last week. Xcelerate may be hiring both 1099s and employees, and working DHS as well as DCSA. I have not confirmed that yet.

Most can be found by googling their web sites. Reach out to them and see what they have to offer. What some folks forget is that credentialed BIs are not a dime a dozen. It costs $$$ to recruit, hire and train folks to work this contract. If you’re experienced, leverage that. When enough experienced BIs leave the field because of the conditions maybe a change will take place.

I am sorry to hear about the folks who are in spots where they are worried about their jobs. That is not a good place to be.

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1Force is under Peraton and hires 1099s.


This is great info, thank you!

I know there are a few others under Peraton but I’m also unsure of those. Many of them I’ve never heard of before.

Under CACI from what I’ve gathered is Paragon/CANDA - Paragon is utilizing CANDA to have the work with CACI somehow, IDS, Xcelerate and maybe Brush Creek too? I know Paragon/CANDA has full time and 1099’s but I don’t believe their hiring now. I’m certain that IDS is only hiring 1099’s but not sure under what contracts. And Xcelerate is only hiring full-time and only has the DCSA contract from what I know - but does have a few 1099s that work RB. A friend of mine is a DHS reviewer through Xcelerate.