1099 Contract Investigators

Greetings all! Long time viewer, first time poster. Things aren’t looking to good at my current employer and lay offs may be coming our way. I am thinking of going back in the field as a 1099 while I figure some things out depending on what happens. Can any 1099s in the PA/ NJ area provide any insight on workload? Any advice? Thanks!

Let me guess you work for the sinking ship Paragon?

I guess everyone sees it. Lol

The two primes will take you. 1099 work should be abundant in that area from what I understand it’s a high workload area. Constellis has a good reputation. Maybe check them out. I think you have lots of options outside of the sinkhole you’re currently in.

Thanks for the insight. Are you 1099 by chance?

I was one of the lucky ones to get out completely the end of last year. I hear the primes are paying some big bucks as incentives to both FT and 1099 in high workload areas. The work is out there.

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Good for you. Thanks again!

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Under CACI EnProVera is a Sub hiring 1099s. CACI proper is not hiring 1099s at this time. Under Peraton I believe Brush Creek is hiring 1099s, as is Omni (now known as Constellis??) There may be others, I do not have a complete list. Peraton is also taking on 1099s.

Make some calls/web site applications and see what they each offer. Work with the one that fits with you best. FYIY, you can work for two companies as a 1099, as long as both companies are not under the same Prime. Of course that means multiple laptops, sign ons, etc etc.

Good luck to ya!

All great information! Thank you!

Another question. What are the benefits for 1099 with a company like 1force, etc. versus 1099 directly with a prime? Thank you!

This just my opinion, mixed in with a few known facts. : )

Peraton is the only prime who is hiring 1099s. Peraton is a HUGE company (worked for them previously) which cuts both ways. As an employee who needed health benefits, their benefit costs were excellent (for me) That is not a factor in 1099s as there are no health benefits provided. So that is a wash.

Being a huge company they have systems and policies in place that can be cumbersome. I have heard that they place expectations on 1099s. They may pay more. They offer TDYs to 1099s TDY with premiums paid for doing so. They have multiple contracts (not just DCSA) which means you can possibly work other types of cases. It can be frustrating dealing with multiple layers of management (opinion).

Subs tend to be a little more streamlined. You deal with and communicate with the PM directly, and get answers more quickly (usually). But I do not know of subs offering TDYs or premium pay. Subs can be less draconian. Subs can be the scrappy underdog willing to fight for better conditions for their 1099s. You’re an actual human to the sub, not just a SID that needs to get cases out the door.

I keep stating that only you can decide which option fits best with your lifestyle/stage of life. Reach out to each, gather your intel, and then decide what option is best for you. Be sure to ask what their onboarding process is, what their expectations are for case turnaround and well as how many units they expect you to work in a week or month. Drill down on what they provide and what they don’t provide (laptops, printers, office supplies, case envelopes, business cards, cell phones, door tags, shipping labels, etc) There are pros and cons to each.

Good luck!


Thank you so much for this information!

Peraton absolutely does not pay more. I work as an IC for several different contractors/subs on several different contracts. Peraton/1Force pays me the lowest followed only by ADC. Paragon and ISN pay the most. I have zero issues with any company, but do find CACIs systems to be the most convoluted.


I was a FT employee for 12 years and worked for 3 different contractors until I became a 1099 after GDIT laid off everyone. Since then I am a 1099 with three contractors, one being Paragon which was the best of them all until they lost the contract. That was a shame. I am still with them as they are a primary on DHS and sub for CACI which has cumbersome and redundant rules. You can stay with Paragon as a 1099 and they pay well for both DCSA and DHS. OMNI pays by the hour including briefing , interview, reporting and drive time. OMNI is the primary on about 6 different contracts and recently became a sub for Peraton on DCSA.
In short, you have many choices as a 1099 except for GDIT that does not allow you to work for any other contractor.

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Thank you for the insight! How is 1099 vs f/t? Workload consistent? Fair pay?