I have been privileged to read a lot of the posts (all topics) and realize no one seems to be posting much anymore (here and there) but not much more. Are we all so swamped, employed and busy with work? I’m just curious on how people would rank the two companies? KGS seems to be more business oriented and CACI seems to be more employee directed. Am I wrong?

I was also wondering why it’s so quiet here. I’ve been busy with non-OPM work. Trying to stay away until the chips finally fall. It’s going to be a crazy couple of months.

My perspective on KGS to this point:

The level that I am at (level 6) is unattainable at KGS. I pumped out as much volume as I ever have when I was at USIS and it still wasnt good enough. I’m very efficient and work hard and zone out my area extremely well but I refuse to work off the clock whatsoever. I think the only people at KGS than can do a level 6 is people that give an extra 10 hours off the clock.

I’m probably between a level 4 and 5 after seeing how hard I work and it still isn’t good enough. Unfortunately that’s a $10,000 paycut down to a level 4. A level 6 is equivalent to about 5.25 WTD back in the day at USIS. Sounds easy to attain right? Hell no! Especially if you live in a rural area and travel frequently. All it takes is a blowup case and your stats are destroyed. All of us get those cases 4 to 5 times per year. KGS needs to be weight their ESI testimonies at at least 4 source units. I can’t believe they are only at 3.5. I think USIS had it right at 6 Weighted testimonies. These ESI’s are taking 2 to 3 hours just to do a fairly clean ESI. KGS better get their act together because CACI from what I hear is going away from production and only doing a quality based model. KGS will lose most of their workforce if they don’t temper their expectations.

One other thing Keypoint needs to do is give admin time (indirect labor) for manifesting cases, timesheets, reading emails, and inputting expenses for mileage and each source and record we interview into their system. They make us charge this to productive case time. Ridiculous…give us a couple hours per week for these tasks to help us out. That’s only reasonable.

My main thing I do in my free time is look for other work but meeting a Level 6 means no free time…the demotion is probably just a matter of time. Disheartening industry to work in. Looking to get out but can’t seem to segue into another field that pays in the 50s or 60s.

Well said Joe Hackett!! You pretty much hit it on the head for a level 6. With all of the admin tasks and note taking, forms, mileage, etc, you are burnt out come the end of the week.

I blame OPM, Congress, and anyone else who is in the position to oversee this industry.

A demotion is definitely in the future for me, it only a matter of time.

I refuse to work off the clock as well.

Good luck Joe in your job search

Level 6, Level 5…who cares? We are just a bunch of disposable subcontractors with crappy benefits & no pension. Oh, but we have freedom and no cubicle-type job, right? Job is not what it once was, IMO.

I am just glad USIS is gone and out of the picture. Anything is better than that place. I like CACI so far. But if my FI job ended next week, that may be alright too.

Maybe it’s just me but if you work with good people, FI’S, TL’s etc…the job works out well. I can’t criticize USIS and I worked with KGS and CACI before USIS…I’m just so curious as maybe there were some bad managers out there with USIS because for my 3+yr experience with them it was the same as it was with the other two companies however USIS was set up to do the job…

@Joe Hackett

I agree that the metrics set by KGS are unrealistic and am afraid that they will be making demotions soon. However, they have almost doubled their FI workforce and will soon realize the consequences of maltreatment of their bread & butter. I think many former USIS Fi have realized how poorly they were treated by USIS and may not stand for the same from KGS. It is a lot easier to leave a job when you have done it before. I also think that KGS knows that they are not the big boy on the block and will lose people to CACI and whomever gets the next contract.
As far as working off the books - I don’t either but I do get the OT. Anyone who does work off the books after about a year is being selfish, dishonest and only hurting themselves and everyone else who is honest in their time reporting.

I wonder how true it is about the demotions for not meeting metrics? I’ve heard it thrown around but unless the FI is totally incompetent there should be no issues (I would think): If it is true about demotions, it could be why they brought a majority of people on from USIS with good starting salaries with the anticipation of lowering the FI level down a notch or two.

@ inv74

OMG–working off the books? You mean working extra hours and not claiming the time? I do the polar opposite.

“As far as working off the books – I don’t either but I do get the OT. Anyone who does work off the books after about a year is being selfish, dishonest and only hurting themselves and everyone else who is honest in their time reporting.”

CACI will never have to worry about this scenario you describe with me, ever.

Hey guys/ladies, sorry to hear things aren’t well at Keypoint. I had heard the same things were going on there right off the bat with production, production, production. It’s all about the company and I chose right with CACI. We are about the Fi’s first. The company understands that it’s the FI’s that drive the contract so we make sure the FI’s are first. Vacations that you had approved at USIS were honored here! Yep, all you had to do is advise your TL what dates you had requested and they are approved. We haven’t even spoke about metrics! Not one single bit!!! Why, because we are people oriented first. Yes, we are working cases however we are provided guidance to learn the CACI way with admin stuff, expense reporting then all the FI stuff too. Given time to make sure we do it right then we still have plenty of time for cases. Things are good here. As I mentioned to another friend at Keypoint who is already to bail, make your best decision, talk to your former teammates as i’m sure you have folks on both sides and get the info for yourself. If you need an inside scoop, contact someone or come back to me and i’ll help where I can. Cheers!

Caci seems ok to date. But you will endure salary reduction from KPGS and for sure from corrupt USIS.

Just wondering…is everyone loving KGS so far?


I guess there are always more than one side of every story:

These are from Glassdoor - so take it for what it is worth - just like this forum.

Before the huge influx of employees from USIS CACI was a very good company
Many legacy employees were encouraged to apply for positions due to the expansion of the contract. Many qualified employees were not even interviewed but instead CACI picked up former USIS management. It’s a shame that CACI did not promote within first but they looked outside the organization. There are problems already starting with these former USIS managers.
Advice to Management
With the influx of investigators CACI has not increased the salaries of their legacy employees. To me this is a slap in the face and will be seeking employment else where. CACI will be losing many qualified and loyal employees if something is not done. You bring your concerns to management and nothing is done. The excuses you keep getting is that they have a great wealth of knowledge…but my response is if they are so good why did they lose the contract.

“Company with integrity losing integrity fast ”

Current Employee - Background Investigator in Chantilly, VA
I have been working at CACI International full-time (more than an year)

The first line supervisors can be very easy to work with.
With the loss of work for USIS, CACI has become money hungry. Most of the new employees make more money than the legacy staff. Management and HR are not interested in providing rectification. Opportunities for growth were promised for legacy staff, but this is only if you know someone or if you are willing to take a pay cut.
Advice to Management
Stop bad business practices and treat legacy staff properly by ensuring equal pay and benefits. Promote investigators with pay raises in new jobs, not cuts.

Like I said before - there does not appear to be much of s difference between the two and each of us needs to make the best of the situation. After all, who knows what will happen next year when the contract goes up for bid. OPM investigators themselves, you know all those GS-12’s making 30k more than the rest of us, are also under increasing pressure and now becoming stress out. The system sucks, needs a total makeover but we have to hold onto the tail of this tiger or find another line of work.



I have tried giving CACI an opportunity to follow through with some of the promises made. At this point it seems the weight of their items has proven to be difficult for investigators to overcome. A large portion of investigators are having difficulties meeting the monthly goals. I have heard rumors regarding demotions. Does anyone have any knowledge of the salary for a level I investigator?

Hi Southrose. Sounds like from your question you are currently a level 2 with CACI and possibly facing a demotion? The pay at each level is dependant upon what salary you negotiated early on when you accepted your offer letter. There is a pay band however if you inquire from your field supervisor, she or he can provide you that information. You have the option of taking a voluntary demotion which could relieve stress but totally up to you. Keypoint and CACI have been issuing demotions and the issue was when folks were accepting offer letters early on, they were asked what their WTPD were at USIS. Some provided honest answers but yet were given the opportunity for more money if they accepted a higher pay level. In turn, this has created a very difficult situation for many FI’s. Let me know if i can be of further assistance!

Demotions are still very much in KGS’s playbook people. Don’t kid yourselves. Know several people from all different levels that have been heavily threatened in recent weeks. So much for not pissing off the work force that makes the money for you. Greedy idiots.

Thank you ninjaturtle!

Yes KGS is pure production and I truly believe when they hired new investigators they knew the long term business strategy that they would demote people. KGS uses levels 1-6 where CACI uses level 1-3. KGS brought people on at level 4 and the metrics WTPD metrics are not attainable. At USIS i was a consistent 4.90 monthly metric. As for CACI, friends tell me it’s monthly production numbers….very stressful across the board.