forgot to add the reduplication on redundancy…with KGS you interview people and then have a separate tab to inlaced their phone and address…how much time does that in it self take? ROIs, why do you have to rewrite matters like refer in the ROI and the case message? It’s just out of control

It is extremely stressful at CACI. I am not convinced the numbers are attainable without working off the clock. It is an unfortunate situation.

Southrose, they are not attainable and neither at Keypoint either. The only way they are attainable is if you take a demotion and then shoot over your goals so you can hit the bonus. Heard of folks taking level 3’s with CACI for more money to match what they made at USIS but yet at USIS they averaged much less. If you were averaging 4 WTPD with USIS, why tell CACI you can hit 5 or even 6??? Yes, this has happened! Folks ran for the most money. Same with Keypoint. Friends of mine went there for $10,000 more than CACI offered them only to not hit goals and get two demotions in the last 2 months!!! That’s crazy!!! So what was your WTPD at USIS? Then ask yourself, did i chase the money or am i at the level i should be?

ninja…the thing is I made decent enough salary at USIS, they were competent, across the board, we had tools in place for INV to do there job. CACI and KGS is not able to handle this amount of work with what they have in place…

let’s look at things realistic….ESI, done properly 2-4 hrs, min. 15 other items on the case? Who knows….Case messages, scheduling and driving all included and other cases to work with no OT allowed? Then, the admin work, which you may or may not get credit for….and then your told you “suck”…via PIPS case messages from a person who has no idea…

Boom! And so it begins. CACI announces a reorg…

a reorg? In what sense NINJA?

I just called a friend with CACI and she said they were eliminating 800 investigator jobs!!! Is that true?

There is definitely a reorg, but is anyone positive it includes investigators? They claim it doesn’t include the field, but you never know.

No thats not true. They are eliminating the Field Supervisor position.

ninjaturtle im curious as to what company and what level you chose?

why would they eliminate the Field Supervisor? That would not make a lot of sense

Why wouldn’t it? USIS eliminated the District Manager Position which is basically the same thing.

I don’t know they way it is at KGS our Manager is in CO. and has no clue to the way things are in the respective region…

They are taking away some of the TL positions. No info on FI positions nor are they eliminating FS positions. This info has been confirmed and is 100% accurate. Having a call soon to hear from the “new guy” who joined in February. These folks have no clue at the top.

My friend said, again, not confirmed, they are demoting quite a few people due to costs of business and reorganization OF (CACI). KGS is probably next

KGS would not be next because they hired FI’s first and then put managers in position. CACI brought over managers first then used as a bargaining chip for bringing over their teams. Now those TL’s who did all that work are out of work. If it were us who know the work inside and out running the show, none of this stuff would be going on.

Inv75, I absolutely believe your friend is right about CACI demotions. I anticipate a chat very soon.

It is true about CACI regarding demotions over the next few months. The only option for me has been to claim unworked OT on a biweekly basis. That has helped with the decreased compensation.

Also, i understand MSM will be hiring full time FI for OPM contract starting in winter 2015. They are securing portion of opm contract currently. If interested, call 240.316.3861. Good luck, all.

Both CACI and KGS have set themselves up for failure. Both used the same tactics which was to bring as many people over which equate to FTE so they can look good to OPM in hopes of getting a larger portion of the contract. They threw $$$ around like there was no tomorrow. Keypoint threw a lot more money at us while CACI told us we could hit our numbers no problem. Both knew the object was to get people over and then they would demote down the road.

Sorry imbacknow but no one can wait around until winter 2015. We are talking about the now. What’s sad is no one at the top cares…