The Nonsense Continues


At what point will OPM and those who provide congressional oversight emerge from the stone age and honestly evaluate the consequences of their actions? One of the most ridiculous and draconian requirements newly reinforced on investigators is the mandate that a HANDWRITTEN answer be provided for each and every question during the ESI. But it’s more than that. A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ does not suffice. Sufficient verbiage RE-STATING the question must be HANDWRITTEN to prove that every question was asked and answered, including disclaimers, whether they are warranted or not. Per examples distributed by CACI to investigators last week, it is not sufficient to simply write yes or no, but a HANDWRITTEN SUMMARY STATEMENT must be shown, even if the subject answers ‘no,’ as the majority will, to the bulk of potential issues. And, by g*d, you better not use any kind of a template or form to streamline the process, especially if your handwriting sucks, as mine does. Though a template can still accomplish the true objective, this mortal sin will somehow call into question your integrity. And, voila, you’re a step away from prosecution and being shown the door. Note taking has never been more onerous, unproductive and time-consuming. A real stat-killer, to be sure. On my first case for CACI I took the time to follow the instructions to the letter on a non-issue PPR. It honestly took me TWO hours to hand-write responses to the whole ESI according to the exemplar. BTW, I didn’t make the subject suffer through all this. I transcribed it when I got home. What a bureaucratic nightmare. Another reason to find another line of work.


Because having 10 cases with ACD’s 3 weeks out isn’t long enough? Geesh.


So, what’s the general feedback on either KGS or CACI? Hard to discern from the posts. 10 cases with ACD’s 3 weeks out sounds good. Could be wrong but with KGS everything seems to be convoluted


KGS is almost 100% identical to how USIS operated. Sign in/sign out cases, the same old BS compliance requirements that will drive you mad.

Unrealistic metrics and now i think i have to take a journalism class or some sort of note taking class to brush up on my note taking skills because if your notes are legible, you risk having a integrity investigation opened up on you. Apparently, KGS wants be able to write up a whole case based on field notes.

KGS has studied the same book that USIS did, and i think will ultimately KGS will suffer the same fate like USIS.

I agree, finding a new line of work is my number one priority, oh darn, just got a PRT case assigned and it due NOW.

Run from here because it is the same sh*t, just a different name.

As time goes on, it will just get worse.

good luck to all!


I haven’t spoke with any of us that went to CACI and have only heard secondhand complaints about no printer or fax and waiting a long time before getting any work.

Regarding Keypoint - the checking in/out of cases is an OPM requirement and CACI is doing the same. No way getting around it. I already have a different field Manager and Workload Coordinator than when I started a month ago. KGS is hiring FMs because there are no Team Leaders. They hired over 500 full timer FI, another 200 or so contractors and some 200 reviewers. I thought it would have been more. They need a better ration of management to FI as my current FM has over 60 FI to manage. That is an impossible ratio. So KGS is going through massive growing pains that I think is a bigger strain on them than CACI. At least they are not hiring USIS TLs.
I am worried about the note taking - I was LE for many years and always held onto the principal that as little as possible was best so that the defense could not destroy you after discovery. Looks like both KGS & CACI want extensive notes. However, I just had a check ride and the trainer had no problem with my notes, so I am not changing.

I think it is too early to equate KGS as the same as USIS. USIS had developed a corrupt business model over the last 6 years or so and I would think neither CACI no KGS want to go down that black hole. Time will tell.

I also think big changes are coming as I don’t see how the current process will be kept. There are too many different entities with their own agendas to allow it to stand.
Congress wants something done but probably won’t pay for it.
DOD does not want OPM doing their cases.
OPM wants to federalize.
The contract goes to bid early next year and I think there will be more than KGS & CACI in the hunt.

I am a little more optimistic than some and am giving KGS the benefit of the doubt before I condemn them. However, they will have to earn my trust.


Explain to me Keypoint’s note taking policy. I cant see it being much different than USIS. Basically your notes can be audited at any time and what’s in your notes needs to be in the ROI. I’m using Keypoint’s KING forms so I make sure every question is asked and accounted for and if additional issue resolution is needed then you grab a sheet(s) of paper and do it.

If I’m missing something clue me in here.

The problem i see is that most of us summarize things due to the lack of time to meticulously take notes and we know how to find things in our notes. Someone else looking for things could be much more challenging. My biggest gripe is manifesting and turning in cases instead of having notes in our office so we can access them and be ready to make clarifications for reviewers. This just slows things up. I’m expecting November to be a nightmare due to reviewer requests looking into my reopening my reports and having to call confined 7 control 4 to 5 times per week ads I learn the hard way about Keypoints review policy.


Meant to say having to turn in cases every month to document control instead of being able to wait until all items are CM’d on the case.


Welcome to doing things the fed way. We’ve been doing the copius notes since at least 2006 and turning in the cases monthly for the last two.

You’ll get use to both.



Don’t want to hear it. I’m tired of working my tail off to pay your GS 12 salary. We all know that’s why OPM keeps contractors. It’s so they can pay for all their agents salaries and operational costs of these outrageous salaries when both you and I do the exact same job. OPM takes half of the money from these BI’s and theyll continue to pillage the contractors to live high on the hog. You should be kissing my bootstraps because of how hard and efficiently I work. I could work circles around 90 percent of the Fed Agents out there. Problem is most contractors work harder and are scrutinized even more with audits even though we are required to be perfect. I don’t feel sorry for you. Go cry me a river somewhere else with that $80,000 year job.


Poor Joe, looks like you’re the one who is crying.

Whining about taking notes? Now you have to do it the correct way and you just fold into a pile of blubbering mess?

And as long as you continue to cry here like a petulant child, you’ll hear it from me.

By the way, it’s a lot more than 80K, high cost of living area.

You want a tissue?


You proved my point Fed. Your overpaid to do the exact same job that I am doing.


So how much time did you put in the military to get your cushy Fed job? 5 years in the coast guard? Or did you have two years of federal civilian employment in an administrative assistant role? Gotta love the hiring criteria at OPM. Just be thankful you lucked out and try to show a little sympathy for those of us making OPM look good.


If you really want to know how I got in, I’ll tell you but my highly attuned investigative senses are telling me it would just be wasted.

Trust me, as much as you whine, you’re making us all look bad.

Good luck in your job search. Hopefully you can find something that makes you happy.


A KGS level 6 I know is pulling in around $90k per year with bonuses. It can be done. And the Feds recently opened up positions where veterans preference and status didn’t count.

I attended the ACBI conference this week. Very interesting information. I didn’t meet any other investigators in attendance that were doing OPM work. I was pretty shocked. Contractors I knew from USIS had all moved over to other agencies. Seems like a lot of people are avoiding OPM work. I was encouraged to cut the cord. I just look at OPM work as something I can do if the other work slows down.


CACI International’s (CACI) CEO Kenneth Asbury on Q1 2015 Results - Earnings Call Transcript dated 10/30/14:

“Last night, we released our results for first quarter of 2015. I’m very pleased with our strong contract awards, solid net income and good cash flow. We also expanded our workforce starting in the first quarter, adding over 1,300 new employees in response to a major change in how the Office of Personnel Management contracts for background checks. CACI has supported OPM in this critical national security mission since 2004. OPM’s decision to significantly increase the volume of background investigations we perform reflects the trust we’ve earned through a decade of stellar performance and our reputation for integrity and ethics.”

Way to go CACI! Keep up the good work. You employed 1300 former USIS FI’s and are now profiting greatly. All the while, USIS is scrambling, trying to file bankruptcy protection due to GREED & corruption.

KARMA is sweet


it sounds like your work for CACI CHT; how do you like it?


I kinda like CACI, better than USIS any day of week. But this whole mess with USIS has really left me with bad taste for FI position in general. I am way more skeptical of private companies now. But all in all, can not really complain. Not know much about KPGS.


If you ask me, and you are not, I would offer, KGS is more business oriented (little focus) on employees. I could be wrong but when you look at their requirements for the time spent on admin duties which is not equated into your work week, that’s really crazy and they FI still haS to meet expectations of metrics. I can;t comment on the current status of CACI but they seem to communicate more with the employee.


I understand what you say with USIS - the way it all went down and lack of communication during the furlough was the worse or the worse. At one point I really believed it was a 2 day thing, next it was a week, etc. No communication and the kicker was “we are sending new computers out” email with a picture…still waiting…


@ Fed Inv

I have been interviewed as a source by two OPM S/A. Competent and professional. However, I find their using a check list less professional than reciting the questions from memory and I think that sources feel the same way. I have had numerous positive comments on my particular delivery with some complaining about prior investigators appearing less competent because they had to continually refer to their notes.
We have been hired for our honesty, intelligence, experience and integrity. Using a checklist to make sure all the questions have been asked proves nothing and only shows that management does not trust the people they hired.
As far as someone else reconstructing an interview from notes - how many times have you had to interview someone that was already interviewed by another investigator? The reason I was told is that OPM does not want the ROI submitted by someone who did not do the interview. The only reason is to make it easier for integrity to get you.