1force--plus an attitude adjustment

Hello, I am wondering if anyone has any insight into work with 1force? I know, I know, they’re another contractor, so there can only be so much good said about any of them. Someone reached out to me about CI work for them, and I’d love to hear your opinions about the company.

Incidentally, I had been on the ‘sinking ship/must get out’ mindset for a good while. I had some job offers (intel analyst, but with a startup; 911 dispatcher; records clerk; etc etc), but I realized how much I am addicted to my own schedule and my flexibility…and the idea of a different opportunity all of the sudden didn’t look so great. So, I’m still here. But with a healthier attitude towards work. Anyone else experience this?

I experienced it… except for the healthier attitude :slight_smile: But I got a different job and have found a better attitude that way.

That’s great that you were able to modify your thinking, a lot of people would be so much happier if they could do that… while still taking positive steps to make needed changes.

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They do a lot of sub investigator work for Perspecta/Peraton. A former Keypoint person spun off and formed One Force. I have been told that the pay/reimbursments/expectations make it very hard to make money as an IC. I believe that to probably be true, but no recent experience.

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I worked for 1Force as an IC. Great company. I would of stayed with them but I needed steady work and pay so I went back as a FT investigator.

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