DHS Contract Concerns

I hear that 60% of the new DHS contract was awarded to Paragon because they were the lowest bidder. The other vendors (Omniplex, ADC, GDIT, Perspecta, and CACI) are not happy with this and in 09/2022 there will be a rebid to the three lowest bidders. Only three vendors will remain and not six like there are now.

Say goodbye to IC’s working on the DHS contract after 09/2022. The vendors more than likely that will be selected on the contract will be the three DCSA vendors (CACI, Perspecta, and Paragon) as they can bid the contract low because Perspecta doesn’t pay mileage and drive time to IC’s and CACI and Paragon don’t use IC’s for this type of work.

I guess DHS will get what they pay for…inexperienced F/T hourlies working the DHS contract as I don’t see Omni, ADC, or GDIT being able to compete with the low bids. This will be another nail in the coffin for the IC in the BI industry.

I think the looming labor shortage is going to effect all of these companies. Cleared educated personnel to do this low paying job are going to be unicorns shortly. It might not matter who has the contract if they can’t hire or find the people to do it.

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Anyone else with CACI get thrown into the fire with the DHS contract? Absolute poor planning by CACI through and through. Not enough investigators and even better… no investigators in the areas where the DHS work actually is and with this contract, a lot of in person work is needed (versus DCSA where it’s all primarily by phone currently). What a crap show.


CACI started hiring those cleared on the DHS contract too late. All those cleared with GDIT went to other vendors.

After receiving all 50 memos of procedural changes, I now have to teach myself how to work.


And even then, so much procedural guidance on certain things is missing that everyone is just scrambling and winging it at this point. Just gotta laugh, I guess.

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That was one of the nicer parts of the job.

Not when the closest FI’s to the work are several hours away and management won’t approve TDYs.


Has the DCSA BI contract allotments been awarded? If so, any changes to workload there because of CE?

ADC was awarded around 10 million, CACI 8.3 million, Omni 7.4 million, Paragon 11 million, Perspecta 22 million, and CSRA 2.7 million. The information is available online through websites that keep track of gov contract information (I’ve linked one of them on here before).

That being said, I’m a full-timer (multi-credentialed) with Omni. It feels like we have more DHS work than we know what to do with. It’s all I’ve been working lately.

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not very high allotments comparing to the past contracts.

We’re hammered with alternate contracts including dhs and I hardly see any dcsa.

Which vendor do you work for?

DCSA is dropping a vendor so who knows how that is going to mess with other contracts.

Does anyone know when the DHS contract is up for renewal?