DHS/CBP/ICE Contract

Does anyone know what is going on with the DHS/CBP/ICE contract? Who has the contract and who doesn’t?

I think KPGS may have a portion of CBP contract. I know CACI has none of the contract.

The awards were just announced but not sure which companies are included. Havent heard from ISN which might be a bad sign because if they got the contract I’m sure there would be a huge announcement.

GDIT also got awarded part of the DHS contract.

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Do you know If ISN is still a GDIT sub?

No ISN is no longer a sub for GDIT. GDIT only does DHS contract. The original contract for DHS was awarded to CSRA in 2019 and merged with GDIT.

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I’m contracted with ADC and they have DHS/CBP/ICE contracts.

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I have worked CBP/ICE (among others) for many years with OMNI.

My boss recently announced that they are consolidating CBP/ICE to one contract (DHS) and that we won it along with around four others. I would guess three of those are ADC, GDIT, and Perspecta.

Scis was also awarded so if there are four total ADC, GDIT, or Perspecta must be out. I highly doubt Perspecta is out but you never know I’ve heard stranger than the normal weirdness about them lately.

Five total. A sup said we (OMNI) won it along with four others.

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From personal experience with Perspecta…lots of weirdness!

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I believe SCIS won it as well.

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I have my CBP and ICE creds through Perspecta… I think CACI might be trying to get the DHS contract… I work part time for CACI and my manager reached out to me 3 days ago asking if I’m willing to do fieldwork for CBP/ICE


Does anyone know what’s going on with ISN? From previous posts I thought they did not get awarded DHS, however they recently sent an email that sounded like they have DHS.

I heard from someone on their waiting list for a position that they did get it, but the person had no other information regarding it.

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I received another email last week of continued interest and what areas of work interested in. Seems like it’s coming together slowly.

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