GDIT still hiring for background investigators?

As a part of my weekly claim for unemployment in the good ol’ state of Maryland, I have to submit three employers that I’ve applied to during the job search process. Apparently, GDIT, my previous employer, is still hiring background investigators on the senior level in Houston, Texas, upstate New York, and Buffalo, New York. When I first saw the openings on their website about a week or so ago, it said that it was a remote position. Went to look on there today and it no longer says that it’s a remote position. I’ve applied to three jobs already this week (one of them for personnel security support technician with CACI), but this one bugged me. Any thoughts? Are they having issues hiring up in those areas? Is GDIT worth going back to at this point?

They could be for alternate contracts because as far as we’ve been told here GDIT got off the DCSA contract leaving their investigators in the lurch.


DHS contract only. They were posting for those positions even before the downfall.

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Here is the email that I received from GDIT fairly recently…" Thank you for your interest in supporting GDIT as a contractor investigator for the DHS Background Investigations program. We are currently unable to process any former GDIT employees to fill the role of contract investigator due to tax year and related labor law considerations. Once we enter 2020, we expect to be able to engage with you again and complete the process to onboard you as a contract investigator. If you still are interested in supporting GDIT at that time, you should email our credentials manager"


Yep got the same email

Interesting, I just got a call today and was told by the recruiter that they would put me in. However, this was for a non-DHS, non-DCSA contract.

Really?? Where you a GDIT full-time investigator

I was full-time awhile ago before they collapsed. They mentioned eventually putting me on ICE/CBP but the interview was for a different one like I said (one of the Intel contracts)

Oh I thought they lost those intel contracts.:thinking:Well good luck to you. But for those of us who were in the last days, they can’t hire us

Interesting why is that? The recruiter did ask me something I though was strange. She asked when I left GDIT, and stated that it could be a problem depending on when.

Yep they Did something to where we couldn’t come over which was crazy because we all worked for them

Strange. I’d figured I’d ask, anyway. GDIT seems very wishy-washy. CACI’s opening for personnel security support technician is no longer open because they didn’t have the funding for it. Haven’t heard back from the other BI positions I applied for. If DCSA is aiming to have all investigations be internal within their agency, then why hire contractors in the first place?