Who here is LWOP or just not working cases as a IC?

Just curious as to who all here is on LWOP either ongoing or on and off. Or who is a IC and has no work?

That’s all, I was just wondering.

IC here with no work being offered by the vendor I do business with.

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Same here (we are probably contracted with the same ).

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Same here. Feels like this industry is shuttering. No news is bad news and there has been increasing radio silence.

Same. Two vendors I have already interviewed with for IC work now will not respond back after offering me a contract.

I agree. No one is saying anything, good or bad. I think that’s an ominous sign.

I agree I think there will be mass layoffs in the next few months. Maybe GDIT really saw the writing on the wall and just decided to cut losses before it got worse. I hope everyone is starting to look outside the industry as this is not the way to live with this constant stress/fear.


So who was on the call with CACI

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Maybe it was a good thing that GDIT decided to exit the NBIB contract a few months ago, as it gave us a jump on available jobs. At the time it was devastating to those of us still there.

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Even better (sarcasm) for those of us there until the 9/13.

I completely agree!!

My point is that, by GDIT being the first vendor to leave, it gave many of us a jump on the available jobs, especially the non-BI ones. Good luck everyone, hope you find a good position.

I was with gdit and glad that I was able to find a job elsewhere in the government before other company starts to lay off…it was hard trying get back in the background investigation field but I still hve co workers looking for jobs ugh :tired_face:

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I just say look elsewhere than background investigator

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I am an IC. I have seen a decrease in the work offered. There is a little, but I expect the well to run dry very soon.

Is anyone a Perspecta IC? I have heard they are becoming very particular about quality.

What’s your location?

I’m IC. I’ve had no work since the first week of Aug.

Work has significantly decreased in the AL area.

“Full-timer” with CACI here. No work right now (out West) = no pay. Had cases last week but once they transmitted…poof. I will wait until 11/18, but, it may be time to give up on this gig.