Wording Used to Explain IC Work Slowdown to Employers

IC here…So really since last May or so, and moreso since the Fall, i have seen this work “slowdown” or “lull” or “stoppage” or “reduction” that is not given an official name and certainly no official plan of layoffs for IC community.

So now treat I have gone through five stages of grief, and accept my job is a hobby job I may or may not do again in future (no work), I’ve been trying out different ways to explain to prospective employers and family/friends about situation.

What words do you use? Explanations that those not in field will understand?

I think best thing I have found to say is that new agency took over Investigatons (DOD), and my freelance BI services are no longer needed on a regular basis due new model focused on using fed BIs instead. Still hold creds for now, I say, if there is a rare spike in needs for services in my area that feds can’t do. Basically my IC career is a hollowed-out shell and basically in ICU on life support and I am seeing a bright light in distance. And there’s Grandma, and my dead parrot, waiting for me…Hmmm. Guess I don’t say all that re-reading above but that’s how my mind is wrapping around sadness.


I’ve been telling people there used to be a huge backlog of cases, but there just isn’t any longer… and the industry doesn’t need the amount of staff it used to. I’ve also said same as you, DOD has taken over and a lot of changes are being made. I’ve thrown around the numbers since it seems to help… supposedly there are some 9k Investigators and only 2k or so are needed.

Having been in the industry close to 10 years and being laid off as a FS from GDIT, it certainly confuses prospective employers why in the world I wouldn’t just find another job in the same field. I think what’s most frustrating is I don’t know that prospective employers actually believe me and I’m still unemployed (hopefully not for much longer).

The stages of grief are real! I never imagined this would happen and that myself and so many of my very talented and experienced peers would be out of work. This was an industry I enjoyed and planned to stay in for the long run.

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As an IC but also as an employee, I’ve always looked at my job like the bottom could fall out everyday. Your employer will never sign anything that says they will never fire you or let you go. So many employees are under the false impression of, well I’m an employee I have a job that’s forever. Nope! Must always/daily look at what if…

Good ideas! Like the 9K to 2K number. Will use that in my monologue for sure. Of that 2K that would include FT/PT feds and ICs; so any idea how many people in that small universe may be ICs? For some reason I thought I read there are 1,400 Fed BIs; if true or close to true that would leave 500 more or less ICs. Probably lower count due to lack of work for us out here. No work spigots left on many places it seems.

Anyone want to add guesses or insights to that 500 wild guess of mine?

"I was/am an independent contractor and I’m looking for more steady work in order to better support my family . . . "