BI Compensation, salary vs. hourly

Do all of the NBIB contract holders do their compensation on a salary vs. hourly basis for full-time employees? I recall reading something on here not too long ago about employers being unhappy with employees charging them for travel time, (resulting in the need for overtime as they exceed their 40 hours/week); and the fact if an employee is caught donating time or working off the clock (which sounded like a fairly common practice) that they would be terminated for violating the FLSA. Thanks in advance for any information.

At CACI I was an hourly employee. I was able to travel and complete casework without charging overtime as they have a charge code for the days you do a lot of driving. They do not count the driving time against you and there’s no need to fudge your hours. CACI is really fair to its investigators, at least that was my experience. The only issue I had was the pay was really low compared to other vendors.

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CACI continues to advance in salary and benefits and remains in the competitive range against other companies. CACI also provides merit increases, where many companies will lock you in at a salary and never advance you, or actively demote Investigators quickly for not meeting their production and quality metrics.

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