CACI year-long employment contract

I’ve got a quick question regarding the employment terms with CACI. I’m currently a BI with them and have been on for a little under a year. I’ve recently gotten a pretty good job offer and would like to take it but I remember when I first accepted this job with CACI the offer letter mentioned something about requiring 1 year of work or else they’d charge you something like $10,000. How much does CACI enforce the terms of early termination of employment contracts? Has anyone left before a year and not been charged?

Was hoping someone could shed some light on this? I’d hate to turn down this job offer but I also don’t want to have to pay an early termination fee.

$5k, check your contracts for the exact amount…but prorated (based on info from present/former colleagues, and I’m sure they can confirm that for you). It’s been enforced heavily the past year for the reason you mention. Before the new vendors started recruiting heavily, I didn’t hear of it really being enforced, but that could just be me.

I appreciate your insight, I’ll try to see what the exact amount is and see if it might be worth it.

What did you find out ? In my case the numbers have a very vast difference ? Did you leave ?