New contractor on the block

Anyone heard of this new company called “Accelerate” who is operating as a subcontractor to CACI? They are trying to recruit investigators to come over and work just the DCSA contract. Not sure if a good move.

Yes you are right. I’ve heard they are on a hiring blitz paying much more and you only have to work DCSA.

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In the same vein,

a company IDS, wants to pick me up as a contract investigator as they are also a sub for CACI. Started going through paperwork and got some bad vibes. First of all they want me to email my paperwork in (includes PII). They do have a fax option to, but shouldnt email not be an option at all?

I (of course) have to do some training, one of them (anti-terrorism) takes me to a site that states “your connection isnt private”

anyone have any experience with them?

No surprise there. These companies will expect you to viciously protect the PII of the people you investigation but when it comes to your PII they really don’t care. Establishing a secure online site where you can securely upload your employment documents costs money and they don’t want to spend it on protecting your personal information because they don’t have to.

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