CACI Training Reimbursal

Hi all,

I started with CACI as a BI (employee, not 1099) in the DC area about 6 months ago (offer letter signed 3 months prior to my actual start date). Long story short, got two significantly better offers.

As of today, 1/25/2024, does CACI require BIs who depart after less than a year to reimburse for either training or the initial investigation?

I checked all the documents I signed (offer letter, Employee Agreement, etc) prior to starting and didn’t see anything that would indicate I would owe them but not sure if I missed a key clause or some such. I also spoke to HR and they said I would not owe CACI anything.

For CACI employees who agreed to such a precondition before. Where was the commitment found? Offer letter? Separate doc?

I know this sort of thing was done in the past at CACI and other contractors. Just wanted to see if anyone had any updated information

Thanks in advance.

If anyone wants/needs an update. CACI did not require me to reimburse anything. I was there for about 7 months total before moving into my next job.