Cost of training

Can anyone tell me which companies have you sign a form that states you will reimburse them the cost of training and background check if you leave before a certaun time frame and/or pay for tgev training up front. Thanks

I know that KeyPoint Government Solutions does.

CACI does as well. I believe both new contractors SCIS and CSRA does not

SCIS does have a form that you sign stating the reimbursement of training if you quit before a year of employment. The longer you stay during that year, the less you owe SCIS.

Bear in mind that in some states (NY) that rule is not enforceable. Check with an attorney before you pay anything. Also, if they fire you, there is no reimbursement.

SCIS does charge if you leave before 12 months.

Not sure if my other post went through. Reginv, do you know where in the NY labor law I can find that? I’ve looked and found nothing specific about cost of training contracts. Thank you for any help you can give!