Another Layoff at CACI

Am I hearing right that CACI had another round of layoffs? Especially those who have high SCA accruing rates?

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Oh no! Best wishes to all for an agreeable outcome!

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I heard that too and about multiple lawsuits.

What type of lawsuits?

I haven’t heard anything about this…but I wouldn’t expect to unless someone on my team was affected. They don’t like to announce these types of things. But what do you mean by “high SCA accruing rates?” I am guessing you mean high cost of living locations or highest paid investigators. The H&W rate that I associate with SCA is the same across the country.

Given we all know that there is not enough work to go around and DCSA said there would only be enough work for 2000 investigators…it would make sense that the contractors are going to need to slim down a bit more. Given everything can be completed by telephone right now (and likely forever)…it almost makes sense to cut the investigators receiving the highest locality pay…

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High SCA accruing rates are associated with tenure or are supposed to be. Depending on length of service on the contract one could be accruing higher hours of leave. With that and higher paid Investigators I would imagine they might be the first to go. The downside is losing experience.

And I too would like to hear about the lawsuits.

That is interesting as all the people that came over from USIS got to bring their leave with them…most brought 5 weeks vacation. At USIS you accrued 1 week of vacation for every year of employment, so after 5 years of employment, you had 5 weeks of vacation. All that vacation came with the employees to CACI/KGS/etc. If the investigator started at CACI, it would take an employee near 20 years (maybe more, I forget the numbers) of employment to accrue vacation at that rate.

SCA Leave is part of the OPM Contract requirements. Not sure after USIS what Vendors did or didn’t recognize that service?

The same ltype lawsuits that happened at usis and are still going on today against keypoint. It’s not my place to broadcast specifics.

Like CACIINVESTIGATOR, I have heard nothing. In fact, I just got work today for the first time in many weeks. Who knows, maybe I am still employed until I transmit those cases???


That’s one explanation for why USIS was so bad. Terrible accrual rate.

Wow, I have not heard anything about lawsuits. It’s not surprising though, is it? I’ll be interested to see what happens there.
I did hear through the grapevine that CACI has lost hundreds of FIs since this COVID business began…and not because of layoffs, because of voluntary terminations.

All is quiet in CACI-land, from what I know. All of the ISN subcontractor BIs are gone (and they had CACI email addresses) which might be the hundreds you refer to (400 ISN BIs?). No one on my team has quit/left, however, it hasn’t changed - CACI is trying to starve us to reduce the numbers gradually. Rah, rah Kudo’s at the last All-Hands call but no real news. One of the previous comments about using lower-cost BIs to do the high cost areas by phone does make some business sense - but I don’t see CACI management thinking that way.