Transition to New Contractors Begins

CACI and Keypoint are in process of absorbing the bulk of nearly 3k investigators laid off by USIS on 9/30. Not unexpectedly, the influx has created its own share of challenges. Let’s hear from investigators who are in the middle of this process, how smoothly the integration is going…or not.

The transition to KGS has been relatively smooth with only a few days of part time hours. I have a fair workload and all within my usual area. However, the major problem is adjusting to the new administrative procedures, navigating their website and getting assistance from their helpline. I believe their management is overwhelmed as their work force has at least doubled and their IT and HR staff cannot handle it. All this is understandable and I believe most of the problems will work themselves out. I have been told by at least two current KGS investigators that they are now experiencing BS reopens from former USIS reviewers. It seems that USIS stuck to old guidelines and was much more anal in their review than KGS is.
I also foresee KGS adjusting their management structure to accommodate the increase in FI workforce by adding a new layer of management or increasing the number of Field Managers. It is impossible for one FM to oversee 40 - 50 FIs.

Kgs is definitely experiencing BS reopens from new reviewers. Which really sucks when your promotions and bonuses are based on quality and timeliness and you can’t argue bogus RZ’s. I hope KGS can work it out. Glad to see they are adding a layer of management but they should have been doing it all along as they hired new worker bees.

CACI is also overwhelmed trying to absorb new staff. Many of us are still awaiting computers after 3 weeks, doing non-productive busywork in the meantime. Grateful they went ahead and absorbed us, even though it will mean a short-term loss for them on the balance sheet in the meantime.

To all CACI employees: have you received notification from CACI re: the SCA increase? If so, please advise how they are handling it. One strike against KGS for not passing it to the employees as the benefit is designed to do just that I believe.