Announcement from KGS and CACI

So, Equip is going to be down for quite a while (8-10 weeks); however to lessen the impact on investigators all efforts will be made to avoid a furlough…right. TDY’s will increase(?); I doubt…when did we go through this last year with USIS? A month shy of last year and the promises from USIS was “we’ll be back - be patient”…Who’s feeling the effects that we will bust our butts and then be told there is a slow down in work?

OPM Director resigns (or steps down) from her post…can the minions of OPM Case reviewers follow?

My team lead at CACI is still harping about numbers! It’s amazing but that is all that they care about! HELLO! Have you looked at the news recently? I don’t care about production numbers! I am doing this job correctly and you can shove your production numbers right up your …

Sounds frustrating especially when there undoubtedly will be a furlough on the horizon. We are almost at last years “anniversary” of the USIS close down.

Based on news reports I have read, announcements from the companies, movement of key personnel at the contractors, and recruiting efforts at subcontractors here is my opinion. News reports have indicated that the shut down of EQIP was reactive not proactive and there is growing congressional pressure to relieve OPM of this segment. OPM will finish the work they have and they are done. I will be collecting unemployment and looking for work. Who knows where I will wind up. Will agencies handle their own? Will a new agency be born? Maybe the civil service agency will make a comeback. All I really know is that I’m thankful to be a full-time employees as opposed to a 1099 right now!

CACI is short work week some investigators already and laying off reviewers. Half of the work force will be gone by October if EQIP doesn’t come online soon.