KGS (Keypoint) to Perspecta: How's it going?


Wondering how it’s going for those of you who are working through the transition from KGS to Perspecta? What changes have you seen?


They changed the name of the company news letter, so that was pretty exciting.


LOL! Good to know. Kind of fits well with the fact that I have found virtually nothing online other than press releases.


I’m interested in this topic as well. I was recently hired by Perspecta but most of my paperwork has KGS logos all over it. It sort of felt like a bait and switch but I will give them the benefit of the doubt since they just formed a new company. I was just shocked that these documents weren’t changed. Switching out logos, names and addresses is pretty simple.

This is a great blog and has been very helpful to me.


There’s really no reason to think the culture has changed much at all in the span of a few months after years of the same behavior and management style. And from the looks of it (do some digging on this sub forum) they’ll throw you under the bus if they need to.


Working from home makes it hard to tell how the culture of the company is changing, if at all. I only hear from my field manager a couple times per month and I only have intermittent contact with newer investigators who have shadowed me. The name changed but the mission to produce reports and hit your numbers has not. Regarding receiving paperwork with KGS logos, I’m still waiting to be able to order new business cards and door tags with the new name and logo.