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Hi. My FSO informed me that I received a favorable final last week and I’ve been waiting for the next steps/start date. Does anyone have any insight of Perspecta’s process after a favorable decision has been granted?

Yes. You get trained and then they throw a ridiculous amount of cases to you and are relentless in asking for updates and threatening to lower your investigator level and pay if you don’t meet their completely unrealistic metrics. Good luck!

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Next step would be 2 weeks of virtual training, followed by 2 weeks of in house training then 2 weeks of on the job training in which another investigator will shadow you while you work. After that you’re set free. The work load will initially seem crazy to you and it will take some time to adjust and get into a good flow of scheduling interviews and figuring out a schedule that works for you. You’re given a good amount of freedom with the job so it’s up to you how you want to plan your day. In the end though it’s all about production. You’ll be expected to hit a fixed number of “source units” per week but in my opinion the minimum number to hit isn’t unrealistic at all, at least in my area (I work in a non-metro area). Very rarely do I have to drive more than 45 minutes for an interview. It all boils down to zoning and what you can plan to knock out along the way. There have been days where I’ve been able to hit my required numbers for the week in just one or two days just because I’ll schedule a bunch of interviews back to back if I’m fortunate enough to have a bunch of case items assigned to the same general area such as the local air force base.

Once you get familiar with the area you’ll be working things become a lot easier. You’ll most likely be in and out of certain buildings or installations quite frequently so you’ll know exactly where to go and for what. One of the perks of this job is coming into contact with the HR personnel at a lot of big companies and getting on a first name basis with them isn’t a bad thing at all.

I can’t speak for anyone elses field manager but mine is pretty great. I’ve never once gotten a e-mail harping me on stats, if anything he will ask me if I need any due dates moved to help out. I’ve worked with a couple of other FM’s over the course of this year and I didn’t have any issues with them. As long as you communicate with your FM’s you shouldn’t have too many issues. Again, it all boils down to numbers. They would rather move a due date if they can than let it affect their numbers. If you have good numbers, they have good numbers. Don’t expect to know everything about this job right out of training. Most of it is pretty straight forward and you’ll have a “help team” at your disposal who you can always give a call to if you’re unsure of what you should do regarding an issue you’re facing with a case.

The company has been a good experience for me so I don’t have too many complaints. I read a lot of the reviews when it was Keypoint and I still went ahead with it and I don’t have any regrets. It’s not your typical job and you’ll meet a TON of interesting people. You’ll meet people from the lowest rungs of the social ladder to the most overachieving overachievers. After working this job, the thought of working somewhere tied to a cubicle all day seems depressing to me. I walk through a lot of office buildings on my way to interviews and I just see people at their cubicle counting the seconds until they can leave their cubicle. No thanks.

Yikes… Do you work there now?

Thanks for this info. I can’t wait to start.

Yes I’m a current FI with them. Just stay organized and don’t be afraid to ask questions and you’ll be absolutely fine. If you have any other questions feel free to ask

Hi Brandi, can I ask how long your background took? I am going through the back ground process now for a bi position with perspecta. My background investigation started mid July.

Wow. Congratulations. The entire process was much longer than most of the other bi’s in SC. My first interview with a Opm agent was late FEB, sent to adjudication June, and DOD made the final decision mid August… Now I’m waiting for a start date and training information. Best wishes to you.

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Hi Brandi,
If I may ask, have you received a start date yet with perspecta? If so, how long did it take to receive one? Thanks.

Hi Cassidy,

Nope I haven’t started yet. The job was put on hold due to slow workload in my area. You should receive a fast start date if you are in a busy area like VA, MD, DC, CA, etc. Have you heard anything yet?

Hi Brandi,

I’ve actually also been put on hold with a different company and i’am in the Va area. I haven’t decided on making the switch to Perspecta yet, but it looks like Perspecta is probably doing the same thing and holding the training as well. I don’t know why a lot of companies are hiring BIs and just putting the training on hold, it’s like they just want to achieve a quota and that’s all.

I would not say to fill a quota, but they have to balance work with their current employees. If they over hire, no one works very much. I live near a large military installation, with several large other federal employers. Work is not a problem for anyone.

Have you received a start date yet?

No, they actually rescinded my offer a few days ago, saying the needs of the business has changed for my area.

I’ve been looking for BI positions but nothing in my area.

Sorry to hear that Brandi, I am in the same boat.

Interesting. Do you live near a large city or a military installation?

I wonder if this has anything to do with the DOD taking things back over.

Very interesting indeed.
Yes, I live near both.

I have heard of a large slow on work. Maybe they are trying to keep the current employees busy while the DOD process is worked out.

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Hi Brandi, it looks like CACI is hiring cleared individuals nationally. if you already received a favorable adjudication from the customer, you should be able to apply.

Wow! I’m sorry to hear that. You’re the second person that this has happened to. I’m expecting them to rescind my offer in the coming days. Just hate that it’s a waiting game.