Training dates - Perspecta

Hello everyone.

My FSO notifies me that I have received a favorable decision for my investigation and I reached out to Perspecta. Was told that training staff would update me about training dates.

Does anyone have any insight on training dates for 2019? Thanks in advance.

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Just hang tight, now that you have a favorable adjudication the training department will send an e-mail with training dates. Typically they provide different dates for training so you can choose which one works best for you.

Thank you Sideshow. I appreciate your response.

No problem. The in house training isn’t too bad. It’s mainly death by power point with some tests thrown in, which are all open note and open book. Any other questions, feel free to ask.

I was told the same thing mid March 2019. Then was told they are re-evaluation of positions and once that’s done training would notify me. Not sure if that means they are deleting some positions or not. Not happy about lack of communication though.

Hi! I was wondering if you’ve received a training date yet? I went through a long clearance investigation, and I have finally received a favorable decision, but I still have not heard from the training department.

They said they no longer have work in my area and now I’m looking for another place to work.

Where are you located? Sounds like east coast is slow but west coast isn’t.

Ouch. That seems to be the case for a lot of people right now. People getting laid off can’t find work with any other vendors in my area unless they want to go into review or are willing to live on the road as a TDY investigator.

Has anyone gotten and training date for Perspecta yet?

Nope! I was emailed about the lack of work in my area a couple of months ago. They asked if I wanted to be released without having to pay back or wait for the potential for work (couldn’t give an estimated date). I chose to be released.

Thankfully I chose to be released because I was hired in the career of my dreams!

I couldn’t deal with the wishy washy and uncertainty.


Im coming on as contractor… Finished TOC last week, re-activating PIV this week, and waiting on DCSA creds to arrive. The whole hiring process from intv to now has been a month …which is super fast. Suprising and grateful…of course hoping there will be tons of work.

I was coming in as FTE

What area if you dont mind my asking?

St. Louis Metro Area

Me too! I’m out of Texas

Perspecta IC… florida…two weeks in and steady flow. Told to ask for more work if needed… Also tdy opportunities… No shortage here

My BI was completed a while ago. I’m coming on FT as a Reviewer. Any word on possible training dates for Slippery Rock?