Looking for NBIB training for BI

I was hired by Perspecta and had my T5 clearance adjudication. While waiting for NBIB training they pulled my offer. I know this has happened to a lot of people. Any suggestions for next steps. I applied with SCIS but have not heard anything back yet. I would like to find anyway possible to complete my NBIB training and start. Im a “young” retired teacher so Im flexible with working full time, part time or 1099. Just want to get trained, credentialed and work when its available. Any suggestions?


The industry is a sinking ship right now. You’re unlikely to find any work. I suggest trying to find something in a different industry.


Most full timers (excluding new people and kool aid drinkers) aren’t sure how long, or if ,we will be working due to the current state of things as this business is unsustainable.


Run away from this industry.

Read what is happening to the security clearance process per the most recent NDAA.

This industry is going to see a major contraction in the next 1-2 years. Unless DCSA work is only a side hustle (meaning you don’t “need” the money to cover your expenses) or unless DCSA is just one of numerous contracts you plan on working, this is no longer a viable career path.

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What these folks are trying to tell you is that the industry has gone through major changes and upheavals these last 12 months and no one can answer your question.

There is also a lot of unemployed, experienced, investigators out in the field competing for spots right now.


No new investigators are needed in this overstaffed field.


Thanks and I truly feel for the people that need this job full time. That sucks. I would be willing to work part time and or as a 1099. Just want someone to take over what Perspecta promises and put me thru training. Since I have my T5 adjudication you would think they invested time in me and would at least train me and keep me in the bull pen. Yes, I’m dreaming! Lol!

Thanks, yeah I have a 30 year Virginia state pension from teaching. This was going to be my mini career.

Mini career part time would be the way to go. Full time, pssshhhhhhh. Just stopped and I loved the work but didnt pay the bills. Good luck.

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Perspecta? I’m an IC with them. They have been absolutely amazing. I have 0 complaints. Great communication.

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IntjM, what area are you in?

Your experience is unique-or you are in their PR / marketing or recruiting dept. From what I’ve seen HP Enterprises aka DXC aka Perspecta and whatever their new name will be are bottom rung last tier by every employee related metric. Does your group get a reasonable bonus of over $1,000 yearly and a greater then cost of living yearly raise? No. Of course if I was a director or VP making $500,000 I would think differently.

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Same thing. I’m in the Deep South.

Same exact thing happened to me. My company does contracts with all the major government agencies, and we are looking for more people. It would be very easy for you to get another position.

Im interested in more information about this. Can you PM me?


Hi, not sure how to PM. Please send me a message if you’re interested.

I was just about to say that they are in Perspecta’s recruiting group. I know several BI’s around the country in what used to be high work areas who get nothing from them! But just like KB (Securitas’ recruiting manager) lurks these blogs, they all do.