New CACI Lawsuit

I just received notice for a class action suit against CACI regarding unpaid wages. Has anyone else received the same? I know other companies went through similar. Is it worth joining the suit? Can there be any adverse effects for joining?

I see posts about this in my FB newsfeed all the time but wasn’t sure if it was real.

All the companies seem to have dealt with these lawsuits over and over again. I knew Investigator’s in MD 7-10 years ago received several thousand dollars. It’s usually all about unpaid overtime and 1099 vs employee requirements.

If the current Keypoint lawsuit is any indication, anyone hoping to see progress or a monetary award from this one will be waiting a while. As in years.

I wondered about that as well. Though it has been repeated that no retaliation can occur, I find that difficult to believe. Having to agree to be disposed seems ridiculous. Unless one was able to join anonymously???

I don’t understand how this case would be successful. Isn’t anyone admitting they worked unpaid and off the clock just admitting that they committed timecard fraud?


I received a notice also. It appears to have been generated by claims that the amount of work assigned and the time that is allowed to complete the work has led to investigators working off the clock. The claims may be accurate, but good luck proving that you were forced to work off the clock to make your stats.

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That’s why I have a 2 inch thick file of printed emails. I regularly send insignificant sounding emails to management reiterating what’s happening and then print and file a copy for documentation. I may not win a lawsuit but I guarantee I’ll get my unemployment if I get fired.

Regarding lawsuits, they’ve been winning for 20 years, not sure how the attorneys win but they do. Most participants just sign a form and then a check comes in the mail. If you don’t participate someone else gets the money so why not.

The lawsuits years ago were specifically about contractor/1099 workers being mandated to attend meetings/training etc. and were not reimbursed for it. They were only reimbursed for the amount of source units they completed. It led to a massive restructuring of the 1099 independent contractor system.
Believe it or not people do admit to working off the clock to “get it done for the team” and it results in their firing. There is a lot of unfamiliarity with the labor laws.

Reiterating what specifically, if you don’t mind? That others are working off the clock to make stats or that you feel that the amount of work assigned + the time allotted to complete is inappropriate?

A coworker received a payment last week on the Judd case.

I document completed work that isn’t reflected in the production based system from which stats/metrics are calculated.