NBIB new creds/isn

I recently left a contractor to go to another contractor. I have been waiting for my new nbib creds for three weeks. Any idea of how long it takes to get them. Also I went with one company and my husband will be Pcs-invite to the west coast in a year. Has anyone heard of Isn? Sorry for two questions in one, but I thought I would ask all in one so I didn’t have to create separate posts! Thanks in advance

From what I’ve heard, they’re coming from NBIB in batches of a couple hundred at a time. I’m not sure of the frequency though. About half my team has the new creds. I received my creds in February, though I have to say I’m not a fan. The flap covering the top half of the ID is aggravating.

few days to few weeks

@Blackandgold: @Excop1957 and I just accepted positions (we are not related) with ISN and they are amazing (and professional) to work with so far. We were originally hired by another organization, and after our SSBI’s were completed we were scheduled to start NIT in October. This has since been indefinitely delayed with little or no communication from the company. We both reached out to ISN to see if they had any open positions and the difference is truly amazing. They are an incredibly professional and caring organization. They are well grounded in ensuring their employees are well taken care of and they are highly responsive (they respond to phone calls and emails in minutes in my experience) to any contact with them. I went from being left in limbo and having an indefinite start date with another organization to having a fast tracked conditional offer (with a training start date in early November) in a matter of two weeks. Their HR and management staff are top tier. Whether you have your SSBI completed and you’re in limbo, or just entering the BI field, I strongly suggest you consider working for them. I would add they are highly committed to hiring veterans and their family members. I understand they are very accommodating and receptive to facilitating a new position wherever a spouse receives a PCS so they can seamlessly transition to employment at their new location. Good luck!

I do not have any information on creds, sorry.

Can you please be more specific what company is this ISN? I tried to look for careers, but there are multiple options and I am not sure which one is mentioned by you on above statement.Thank you.

@mtalos The easiest way would be to google the company name (such as SCIS, Keypoint Government Solutions, ISN Corp, or CSRA) and “BI jobs”. The open positions should appear on that page or else you will usually see a tab marked “careers” or “current openings.” While the companies may not list open positions in your area, it doesn’t hurt to reach out to them to ask; especially if you already have your SSBI completed and you are ready to start training immediately, Good luck!

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Thank you very much, make sense now for me.

Glad to be of assistance!

Please reach out to me. Yes, I work at ISN. I am not in HR. I will give you the straight truth.

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Speaking from personal experience @Derosa54 is a straight shooter who will move heaven and earth for you. By all means reach out to him, @Excop1957 and I are delighted that we did!

How long did it take you to get your ssbi purgatory?

I certified mine and sent it electronically on 05/05/17 (I was applying for an SCIS position). The OPM investigator reached out to me approximately 10 days later (I sent it on Friday). I got word from SCIS I had been approved to work the NBIB contract through OPM on 08/15/17. That was with SCIS pay for an expedited investigation. From what I hear they are running 90 days fairly consistently.

@purgatory- any new updates on you situation? I’m in the same with SCIS. Phone interviews with other companies soon.

@25MP ISN/CSRA continue to look after us. I completed my drug test and background investigation (the pre-screening one to make sure there shouldn’t be any hiccups with your SSBI) and all paperwork has been submitted to OPM for re-adjudication. The background investigation is a business protocol I’m sure as everyone does it, despite the fact you passed your SSBI. The same with awaiting re-adjudication and approval from OPM as you have changed companies. I truly appreciate everything ISN/CSRA has done for me and their professionalism is outstanding! Whereas SCIS just stopped communicating and they didn’t provide meaningful updates on a start date, ISN/CSRA are incredibly responsive. I cannot recommend these organizations enough. We are tentatively looking at starting our home training later this month (OPM expediency permitting). Worst case scenario is a start date of January 4th. While that’s further away than I (and my wife) would like, at least it is a concrete training commitment. As the saying goes in regards to, “someday I’ll start my job”; I can only say, “Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday; there is no someday.” Just don’t put all your eggs in one basket without a solid and quantifiable job offer with a start date. Until then, there are no loyalties.

Thanks for the update! I agree with you that SCIS’s explanation doesn’t quite pass the smell test. I was initially told the training classes were full, then told there is a technical issue that needed to be resolved. I have a phone interview in a couple of days with CSRA, hopefully that goes well. I wasn’t aware our BI’s would need to be re-adjudicated. Hopefully that won’t take long?? Thanks again!

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@25MP We received the green light from OPM on 11/9 to switch companies, so it took about 1.5-2 weeks for re-approval. Hope things are going well!~

@purgatory Happy New Year! I hope all is well with you. How’s it going? Everything working out as scheduled? Would love to hear an update. Good luck!

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