SSBI, but now what?

Hi Everyone,

I and several others have received favorable determinations for our SSBI. But some companies have halted new hire training for the NBIB contract. For those of us who feel stuck but want to continue in the field or at least use the investigation, we waited months for. What are possible future steps one can take with an active SSBI?

I’m aware an SSBI is not a clearance but I have been informed it is usually the precursor to a TS. I heard the SSBI is the longest and or most difficult part of the clearance process? So if one has the first part completed but not the latter. Where do they stand? Are they in a better position to be picked up by a contractor who requires clearance? Does it make no difference at all? Any information or opinion is really appreciated.


Who are the original contractors that have put a hold on the positions?

Which companies have stopped training?

I would love to know as well, which companies are halting the new hire training. I have been waiting to receive a start date as well with Perspecta.

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I’m Still waiting on my clearance for Perspecta Brandi. How long did your clearance take from start of SF86?

It took 8 months from start of Sf86. That’s a long time to me.

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OMG!!! That is a super long time ugh… I’ve only been waiting since July.

CSRA/GDI. Have halted training for new hires. I’ve seen it mentioned in several other posts.

My SSBI was fairly quick. 2-3 months. But that could be heavily factored on my young age and lack of background.

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I hope I hear something fairly soon. I’m on month 3 now.

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what area are you all going to work? Anyone west of Colorado?

I’ll be in VA. Are you Perspecta too? How long have you been waiting?

I used to work Perspecta when it was Keypoint. I did not have a good experience, mostly because of immediate field leadership.

I am now a fed - I do still have friends working Perspecta who enjoy the company now.

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That’s good to know! I’m definitely ready to experience Perspecta for myself.

I will be in South Carolina.

Are you sure its not just a temporary halt to the training while CSRA transitions to GDIT? I went through the New Investigator Training in June and they were just starting to convert CSRA to GDIT. I know ISN (subcontractor to CSRA) is still actively recruiting new investigators. As for your background investigation, SSBI’s are now referred to as T5 investigations and if you’ve been favorably adjudicated you should be golden. There’s still a huge backlog of investigations and a company recruiting new hires will almost certainly give preference to someone who has already been investigated and is just waiting to get a clearance approved.

Hello I have received favorable determination and is currently waiting on a start date with CSRA/GDIT. I see that you have already been through training in July, could you tell me what to expect as far as training while at home, how does that work. When Its time to do the training in Virginia do they pay for you to travel there and also do they pay for your hotel stay if your not local. Finally do they gove you a phone and a laptop or just a laptop. If you could help me out with insight on what to expect that would be greatly appreciated.

I am going on 6 months from my SF86, I was placed in admin review, so who knows what will happen?

Is this with Perspecta? Hopefully it will won’t be too long under admin review. I head from the training coordinator. She said she’d be in touch with class options as soon as she finalized the last classes for 2018… That was 2 weeks ago.

Yes, Perspecta. Oh goodness really? Lets hope its not next year before I get my start date!