SSBI, but now what?

For those of you who have been cleared and were waiting on a start date for training with Perspecta, have you heard anything? I found out I was cleared last month and was told “2019” for training, but that is all. It sure would be nice to start, or at least have an idea of when that might be! Thanks!

Wow that’s great! I haven’t received a training date yet. I’m in a slow workload area right now. Whenever work picks up is when they say I’ll be given a start date.

Thanks Brandi, I hope you hear something soon. I’m sure the holidays have slowed things down some too. hopefully things will pick up after the new year!

Hi Brandi - any word yet on a start date for you from Perspecta?

Hi, I haven’t heard from them since. How about you?

I was told last month there was a temporary hold, but I haven’t received any updates since.

A “temporary hold” is good to hear. I hope things pick up soon for all of us affected by this wait.

Based on their FB page, it looks like NIT training classes have resumed, which, at least, is positive. will you be an employee or a contactor? I’m set to be a contractor.

Oh, wow! That sounds good. I’ll be an employee.